Questions about HSM

Hello again!

So today I had my HSM and ended up not being able to eat 90% of it. It ended up making me feel really sick the rest of the night. I really thought I would look forward to the meal, but ended up not enjoying it at all. Dreading next Friday.

Is feeling sick and not being able to eat much common?

Photos of my meal are in the most recent post.

Nope, can’t say I’ve heard of this before. Most people do find they get full quickly, but they do enjoy their HSMs. Your food choices looked fine too. Odd. You may need to drop a couple of the normal shakes on HSM day, maybe even just have a shake for breakfast, one for lunch, then the HSM for dinner. You may have simply been too satiated already from the shakes. (I remember you had an issue with that initially.) Feel free to adjust those shakes down on HSM day.

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