Question on Tribex


SirDonovanIII asks:

Just curious on whether Tribex is suitable for continued use or should it be cycled off after a few months. I’m 40, and been on it for two months following the 5 day on, two day off protocol. Really happy with the product.


Good to hear you’re happy with it. Unless I’m mistaken, Tribex is one of the longest-running Biotest supps, been around for years and years with plenty of similarly satisfied guys along the way.

Cycling off after 12-16 weeks is pretty common, even with following the 5 on/2 off suggested protocol. So I’d stick with it as-is for another month or so, and then cycle off for 2-4 weeks before getting back on if you wanted to.


Great. Thanks for the response Chris. I seem to remember thst was the case. Hopefully it’ll be back in stock soon. I need to order more!