Question on Drinks


I saw in another post when someone asked if drinking diet or sugar free energy drinks was ok, Chris said that was fine as long as you could handle the Caffeine. My question was is there any difference between drinking that and say chicken broth? They are both from 0-10 calories and both have 2-4g of carbs, the only difference is the broth has about 100mg more sodium. In the end could you tell me if broth is acceptable to drink as well or if not, how it differs from the energy drink.



are you seriously asking if chicken broth is the same as diet soda?


If sipping a little broth helps you get through the initial phase of the V-Diet, it’s okay. Not suggested, but it probably won’t derail the plan.


So were allowed sugar free redbulls, calorie free monster energy drinks?


If you’re taking HOT-ROX, adding energy drinks is not recommended, Rugbykid.


Oh good idea…Well since i live in Canada, i didn’t order the HOT-ROX because of customs.