Question for Fat Loss and Bulk-Up Supplements

I’ve used Plazma, Mag-10, and Micro-PA together before.

What Im trying to figure out is -

How can I get better results using Plazma, Mag-10 and Micro-PA together? (When to take, etc)

Also, what fat loss product I can take while using Plazma, Mag-10 and Micro-PA? (For example, Indigo-3G or Carbolin 19)

Please advise. Thank you so much!

What exactly do you mean by “better results?” Bigger, leaner, stronger, more mass, etc.? You haven’t given any details about your training or nutrition. If you can give a very detailed breakdown of your training, nutrition, and what it is you’re trying to accomplish, it’d be easier to give advice.

Regarding when to take them, just follow the instructions on the label and you’ll be good to go:
Micro-PA - Take 6 caps one hour prior to training.
Plazma - Start sipping 15min prior to training, consume the rest throughout training.
Mag-10 - Many ways to use this, so knowing your goals and current protocol would be helpful. Most standard is having one after your workout, waiting about an hour then eating a whole food meal.

For fat loss, Carbolin 19 and HOT-ROX are both great choices. HOT-ROX has more of a stimulant affect, Carbolin 19 doesn’t. Some people like HOT-ROX in the morning and Carbolin 19 in the PM. They can be taken on the same day but not together at the same time.

I am 5’9, 172 lbs. My goal is to get to 175 lbs. However, I need to drop 12 lbs fat and gain 12-15 lbs muscle mass.

I train 1:15 minutes for 5 days a week (cheat/shoulders first day, legs/core second day, back/arms third day, cardio forth day, etc) one day for cardio, which is running for 40 minutes.

My diet is clean now (started Feb 1) and 2000 calories in-take per day.

Plasma, Mag-10 and Micro-PA are amazing.

What I meant by better results is that - I use to take em together so should I keep doing that or change it a bit?

Most important question - I want the best fat burner that I take with those supplements. I cannot decided which one. For example, Indigo 3G or Cabolin 19. I know you mentioned HOT-ROX and Carbolin 19 but I heard good things about Indigo-3G as well. Should I try that?

Thank you so much for replying back. Please advise so I can add those into my cart.


Got it, thanks for the clarification!

Again, follow the directions on the label, that’s the best way to maximize what these supplements can do.

Indigo-3G is a great supplement, I’ve been taking it for years. It is primarily a nutrient repartitioning agent, meant to help you eat more and put those carbs to good use. While in the long run you will notice some fat loss as a result of having more muscle and making more efficient use out of your carbs, it is not a primary fat burner. Indigo-3G is ideal for a bulk, or if you do not tolerate carbs well, you could still use it on a cut. If you’re going to try to lean out before adding mass (good way to go) I’d recommend HOT-ROX if your priority is to burn fat, and then add Indigo when you’re back in a caloric surplus to put on quality mass, in addition to the Micro-PA you’re already taking. Follow the dosing recommendations on the bottle. Start with one pill in the AM and one in the PM to assess your tolerance, and if it feels fine, increase to two pills in the AM and two in the PM. Again, these directions are all on the bottle.

Best of luck, be sure to post back with any additional questions!

Thank you so much!

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