Question Before The Plunge

Hi Chris,

I am planning to begin the challenge in the next few weeks. It’s time. I’m sick of what I see year after year in the mirror.

I am going to do the advanced workout, but I don’t have access to DBs any higher than 20lbs (home gym). I do; however, have plenty of plates and several barbells (Pendley oly bar, a Swiss Bar, and the DeadSquat Bar). The only issues I see with the program for my situation are:

  1. The Incline DB Press on day 2. Can I substitute in a barbell version of the incline press? Should I go with the Oly Bar or Swiss Bar?

  2. Woodchop (transitional phase). I have one of those landmine things, will that work instead?


One other question. I placed an order for Alpha Male (2 bottles), but haven’t received them yet. Should I hold off on using them or can I add them to the V-Diet?

I was going to do Mon-Fri on / Sat-Sun off.


Sure, those exercise subs are fine. The main idea when following the V-Diet workouts is to follow the set/rep/rest/loading guidelines. That’s where the magic is, not so much the specific exercises.

Alpha Male is a fine addition to the V-Diet since a boost in T makes fat loss and muscle gain a bit easier.

BTW, have you checked out the newest V-Diet?

Just making sure since many of our long time readers have the old plan printed out or memorized. I think this new version is much better and yet a little easier do and stick with.

Hey Chris,

Sounds good, thanks!

I do have the newest version of the plan. I think the 1 meal a day is going to really help me. Plus that pizza you posted is delicious!

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