Question About Timing of the Daily Menu for V-Diet

I woke up early this morning with more hunger in my belly than I’ve had to date, but it was still manageable and once I got my breakfast drink in me I was fine. Probably the most difficult thing I’ve had to face about the program so far is how boring it is; shakes at every meal and such. However, if that’s the worst thing I have to deal with, then I think I’m doing pretty well.
I have a couple of questions that seem to be “on opposite sides of the same coin”

  1. With the hours I get up and work during the week, there is quite a bit of time between breakfast and lunch. What should I do about this…will this affect my ability to retain muscle tissue over the course of the program?
  2. The way my evening schedule works, I pretty much need to come right home from work to do my NEPA. This puts dinner later in the evening, and the “before bed” shake just before I crawl into bed, which requires me to get up several times during the night to relieve myself. Is it possible to alter my food schedule in this way…will this work, does anyone foresee a problem with this?
    a. Breakfast ~530AM
    b. Lunch ~930AM
    c. Mid-Afternoon ~1230PM
    d. “Before-Bed” ~4PM
    e. NEPA ~530-630PM
    f. HSM ~730PM

Can you do your NEPA in the morning before work?

I just finished the V diet and I did my workout in the morning at 0430, had half the breakfast before and the rest after, lunch was around 1200, snack around 1500, NEPA 1700=1800, HSM at 1900, evening shake (if I had it, sometimes skipped) at 2000 and tried to be in bed by 2030 or 2100.

The time between breakfast and lunch did not seem to adversely affect things, just had to cowboy up.

I’d try and move the HSM up towards 1830, maybe mix up the evening shake with less water, try half and see if that works better.

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