Question about the PB2


I was just curious as to why you would want to cut the fats found in natural peanut butter, with all the benefits of them? I couldn’t find the article you were said to have written about the PB2, so I may be way out in left field. It just seems contradictory to go to a less fat peanut butter when natural peanut butter is used in the V-diet. Please help me out on this. Thanks in advance.


In some cases, it all comes down to calories. PB2 is natural peanut butter only with the fat removed (it’s powder; you rehydrate it with water), so that’s 85% fewer calories. That’s not just reduced fat. That’s significant. And sometimes you just want some peanut butter without it becoming a 600 calorie bomb. Plus, I’d rather pick and choose my fats, and things like walnuts have better fat profiles than peanuts (which are legumes after all, not really nuts.)

Some additional info:

I still use natural peanut butter, and the V-Diet needs it for the fats, but my regular diet doesn’t always.

Hope that helps.


Awesome, Chris. Thanks for the quick response and the link.