Question about Supplements?

Hey Chris I am really psyched to do the V-Diet I have been looking for something to get me off my plateau and this has got me excited! My wife and I are missionaries so having money to buy supplements is very tough, though i have stuff left over that I think will be of use and relatively decent substitutes for the Biotest products. I am still going to buy Superfoods maybe Surge also cause there is not much else like it.

I was wondering if I could PM you what I was going to use (as not to name drop other products) and if you thought something would not meet my needs I would try my best to go with Biotest?

Feel free to PM me. However, every “failed V-Diet” I’ve heard about was caused by people using other products not suited for the plan, especially other protein powders which just aren’t made to be consumed several times per day and do not digest properly or contain the right proteins. Metabolic Drive is honestly the only way to go. However, let’s chat via PM. I may be able to help out.

Says I do not have permission to PM you!

[quote]Forestfolly wrote:
Says I do not have permission to PM you![/quote]

Hmm, please email me at

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