Question about Shugart's Article on MAG-10 and Morning Cardio


Hey all,

Just had a quick question about Chris Shugart’s article about morning cardio and muscle sparing while sipping MAG-10.

I was wondering if the same benefits could be had if instead of a 45-60min uphill walk, to throwing in some HIIT.

My mornings are usually pretty jammed and it’s tough to schedule out that long of time. So essentially, would the MAG-10 sipping while doing some HIIT yield similar results?

Thanks in advance.


If you are doing a real, honest to goodness HIIT session you might benefit from a dose of Plazma instead. HIIT is really more like training than it is like cardio, so you might as well feed the muscles with the good stuff. The MAG-10 will “work” but I think the Plazma would “work better” if the goal is the gain muscle and lose fat.


Either Plazma or Mag-10 would be fine. My general rule of thumb is “Plazma is for lifting stuff hard for a long time.” So I prefer Mag-10 for short HIIT work. Though certain things, like a tough sprinting session, would certainly benefit from a pre-load serving of Plazma.


Thanks for the responses, guys.