Question About Mag-10 and Metabolic Rate

mdmn asks:

I’ve tried Mag-10, and like it. But reading the details section again, I see, "Mag-10® also contains a special carbohydrate mixture that, in addition to increasing metabolic rate.”

My question is, I’ve always struggled with weight gain due to an already ridiculously fast metabolic rate.

Is this benefit of Mag-10 going to be a negative for me? And therefore is Mag-10 not the best solution for me? If so, what would you suggest otherwise, or in combination with?

Or is the wording of the detailed section oversimplifying the process and design of Mag-10? If so, how does this increase benefit an already fast metabolic rate?

Mag-10 is an outstanding product, the best quality protein and can be utilized many different ways.

One question that would be helpful to know is what is your goal, and why are you taking Mag-10? I’m guessing your goal is to put on lean muscle mass. Mag-10 is perfect post-workout to eliminate soreness, or to “pulse” throughout the day to keep your muscle mass while burning some additional fat. There are certainly no negatives to you taking Mag-10 at all.

If putting on LBM is your goal and you have an already speedy metabolism, I would very highly recommend Micro-PA, and Plazma for your workouts. Take Micro-PA 60 minutes before you start training, and start sipping Plazma 15 minutes before you start training. Micro-PA amplifies your ability to gain lean muscle during your workout, be sure to train bodybuilding style with good time under tension. I started taking Micro a couple of years ago and within just a few weeks I was noticing serious changes, and so were other folks at the gym who saw me regularly.

Be sure to post back with any questions or if you’d like some training program recommendations!

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