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How much does HOT-ROX play into the whole Velocity Diet? I have taken HOT-ROX and a few other thermogenics (when ephedrine was still ok) and I think I’m immune to them somehow. I’ve never felt any of the warmth, energy, buzz, whatever. I think it’s mostly my body’s indifference to caffeine. I can drink a caffeinated soda right before bed and have no trouble sleeping. I hadn’t thought of checking my heart rate until today. So if I wanted to check HOT-ROX influenced vs Non HOT-ROX influenced what would be the best way to go about it? I’m been taking 2 to 4 tabs a day for the past couple weeks. I’d really like to try the V-Diet but if HOT-ROX is truly not doing much for me I need to know how much of a dent that would make in the expectations.


You’ll still want the Carbolin 19 for the anti-catabolic effect.

A lot of the stuff included in the V-Diet was to make up for other things being banned (ECA stack, MAG-10 etc). Or so I’m told. They’re also a fair bit more safe.

Honestly, I can’t see many people being “immune” to HOT-ROX, you’re probably not noticing it is all.

What exactly are you expecting? What does muscle retention “feel” like? What does increased thyroid-hormone levels “feel” like? What does faster fat loss through a wide variety of mechanisms “feel” like?

I mean, we can jack you full of cheap stimulants and make you “feel” a lot, but that doesn’t always lead to increased fat loss or muscle retention.

Long story short, you don’t have to feel it for it to be working. And some fat loss supplements on the market can be “felt” a lot, but actually don’t accomplish much.

All that said, some people can’t handle a single capsule of HOT-ROX Extreme. They feel it too much! Everyone is different when it comes to perceptions and what they experience. Always best to judge by the results, not by feeling.

More info here on what HOT-ROX is doing exactly:

[quote]Makavali wrote:

Honestly, I can’t see many people being “immune” to HOT-ROX, you’re probably not noticing it is all.[/quote]


i just felt some muscle preservation in my right deltoid…i don’t know WHAT Shugs is talking about!

Lol. Thanks guys. I just had it in my head that I should be feeling some effect from taking them.

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