Question About Flameout Burps

Hey gang,

I haven’t used Flameout since I’ve only done V-Diet 2.0, not 3.0. Does it give you ‘fishy burps’ like regular fish oil caps do? Is it a liquid capsule?


Flameout is very pure (purified by molecular distillation) and deodorized, and most people don’t get fishy burps. Some might at first though. Take them during a shake to reduce this (not after), and be sure to keep them in the fridge once opened.

It is a liquid cap, but no burps - EVER.

I get em, not as bad as Sam’s club fish oil though.

Take 6 a day and nary a fishy burp be found. . . . . argh.

If they do bother you, freeze 'em. That oughta fix it.

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