Q10 - Experiences? Side Effects? Interactions?

I read the article: also saying one should take Coenzyme Q10. Where do I buy it? Not with Biotest? (Why not?) Is quality the same wherever you buy it?
Will the quality be fine if I just buy in my local supermarket?

Any experiences? Side effects? Interactions?

This thread would be more appropriate in the general Supplement & Nutrition forum, because there are no Biotest supps that contain Co-Q10. Why that is, I couldn’t tell you. Biotest also doesn’t make a Vitamin D, for example, and that’s plenty beneficial.

There was some talk a while ago about trying to put together an effective and efficient multi-type formula, but I believe it ended up morphing in Elite Pro Minerals. That plus Superfood are as close to a “multi” combo they have.

As for what, when, and where for Co-Q10, you’ll just have to do some footwork and track down a company with a good reputation if you want to try it. It’s very not-kosher to ask about other brands on this site though.

Have tried Q10 a few times. Never noticed a thing. Too expensive of a supplement IMO considering the limited human studies on it - seems to have potential for someone with some type of heart issue but for a healthy person, I think you can skip it.

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