Putting Myself out There

Hello everybody,

Committing myself to the V-diet. Started today. BTW, if there is a better place to keep my daily log please let me know. Attached are my before pics with my measurements.

At my work, they happened to be doing cholesterol screening so I will also post the results as soon as I get those. I will post new photos and measurements once a week. Here goes my stats.

Joseph Gonzalez Schelanko
Mountain View, CA
Height 5’8"
Weight 239.8
Neck 16.5"
Shoulders 21.5"
Upper Chest 46"
Lower Chest 46.5"
Waist Navel 46"
Waist Largest 46"
Hips Largest 45.25"
Upper Arm -L 14.75" relaxed/ 15.75" flexed
Upper Arm -R 15.75" relaxed/ 16.75" flexed
Upper Leg -L 25.5"
Upper Leg -R 24.5"
Lower Leg -L 16.25"
Lower Leg -R 16.75"
Ankle -L 9.75"
Ankle -R 9.5"

7-Site Skinfold (3 measurement average)
Abdominal 30mm
Triceps 13mm
Chest 13mm
Midaxillary 25mm
Subscapula 28mm
Suprailliac 22mm
Thigh 9mm

Best wishes to you my friend, I am starting tomorrow, so let’s stay motivated and do it!

welcome schelanko … There is a v dieters in march thread that was just started that I will be posting to. I too start tomorrow (I just figured it’s be easier to start on a Monday) I’ll be posting measurements and my before pic later this evening or tomorrow there.

GOod luck and I hope to be the one helping motivate others not the one needing the motivation :slight_smile:

From reading the V-diet forum, I guess this is the best place for my log. I have been on the diet for 5 days now. Still have to gag down breakfast but the rest of the day is not a problem.

I have never liked cold food, so heating up the water and taking a hot shower seems to help. Anyone else with a similar problem?

Took Dan John’s advice and measured all my supplements for 2 weeks, helps alot in the morning, just pack and go. This weekend will measure out the rest.

Following the diet, not really as bad as I thought. I am a large guy but that’s due more to my large appetite then bad food selections ;). I rarely drink (maybe once every 4-6 months).

I have a gluten sensitivity so no breads, pastas, and avoid most grains. It really isn’t that bad. I just stop breathing haha. Stop breathing through my nose. I get really congested and have to breathe through my mouth.

Also, do not have much of a sweet tooth. Smelling anything super sweet always makes my teeth hurt. So yes, I tend to eat alot all the time but mainly good food.

The diet has not been so bad. But last night’s workout made me feel like a big wuss. Seriously on the dumbbell standing press I was working with 10 pounders. My friend was laughing his head off. This lower carb/calorie diet is wreaking havoc on any weights I can use.

The week before the diet, I was using a 65 pound sandbag for MP for a set of 20. Well below was the two workouts I have had so far.

Dumbbell squat 65X9,11,10,10 much to light
weighted pushup 45X10,10,2,2
bent-over row 95X10,10,10,8
plank hold 2 sets 45sec
Went as fast as possible but did not keep track of time as I should.

Kept track of time for all sets.
RDL 135X13,9,6,4,5,3,3,3,2
pulldown 70X10,8,7,8,9
standing press 25X3, 10X13,10,7,5,8
side plank 35sec

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