Put on Muscle and Not Want to Tear Down the Fat

34 years old.
6’2" 228lbs as of today.

Height 6’2"
Weight 228
Neck 17
Shoulders 52.5
Chest - Upper 49.25
Chest - Lower 46
Waist - at Navel 42
Waist - at largest 42.5
Hips - at largest 41.5
Upper Arm - L 15.25
Upper Arm - R 15.6
Upper Leg - L 24.5
Upper Leg - R 25
Lower Leg - L 16
Lower Leg - R 16
Ankle - L 9
Ankle - R 9

One more so I don’t appear to be a total slouch in the gym.

Back photo did not post.

Day 2

On day 1 I walked 4.5 miles @ 4.3mph and 3.2% incline.
I walked a 2nd time for 2.5 miles @ 4.0 mph and 2% incline.

I did not lift yesterday because I am waiting for the SURGE to come in the mail. I am drinking MD shakes because I had four bottles of mix laying around. I also am taking the fish oil, but do not have the superfood yet, which I really would like, but I think its coming today anyways.

I have a headache, but I know this will pass. This diet really screws with your head the first three or four days.

I walked 4.5miles this morning at 4.3mph and 3.2% incline.

I have a problem. Just got invited by the boss to go to the Packer game tonight.
I’m not going to be able to have my shakes while I’m there.

Is it okay to keep it lo carb if I’m going to eat anything and have a shake after the game tonight?


Front Squat: 205 x5,5,5,5
Pull UP: BWx8x5x4x4
Dumbell BP: 80x5,5,5,5
Ab Rollout: 10,10,10

Yummy Surge came in the mail today :slight_smile:

[quote]igloo72 wrote:
I have a problem. Just got invited by the boss to go to the Packer game tonight.
I’m not going to be able to have my shakes while I’m there.

Is it okay to keep it lo carb if I’m going to eat anything and have a shake after the game tonight?


in my experience, the best thing to do is make it your HSM tonight. then its up to you whether you want to keep it weekly on thursdays or change that. just dont cheat it and throw in an extra solid meal.

good luck with the diet.

Day 3

I had eight chicken wings last night and a inch of a brat without the bun. I had shakes before the game and after the game. It worked out pretty well. Great game to be at when the Pack dominated the Vikqueens handily. The Vikes would have had better luck if Teddy were QB, Ponder looked like crap the whole game.

I remember this feeling, wanting to throw up in the morning. It usually lasts day 3&4 only, but sometimes it goes a 5th day. Not sure what the heck this is, but I think it has to do withdrawl from something with the change in diet.

NEPA: Walked 4.3miles @ 4.3mph and 3% incline. Was a tough start to the morning.

walked another 2.0 miles @ 4.3 and 3% at lunch today.


Today I feel a bit better, but still waiting for that complete fog lifting euphoria I usually get around now. May have been delayed because of the chicken wings I ate at the game on thursday night.

NEPA: Walked 4.4 miles @ 4.3mph and 3.5% incline

Will log strength training workout later today. Off to work for now…

Strength Training:

Reverse Lunges DB: 40s x 10,10,10,10
BB BOR: 155x10,10,7,7,6
Push Press DBs: 50s x 10,10,10, 8, 2
BB Curl: 85x10,10,10,9,1
Reverse Crunch: 10,10,10

I need me some SURGE!
Too bad it isn’t the Surge they promoted to us when I was in high school by pulling up in a special Truck in front of the school and handing out SURGE soda. Friggin Coke, Making kids fatter every day! Sodastream is much better alternative.

Bringing my kid to a movie tonight where I can commit psychological suicide and smell popcorn for two hours.



Walked 4.7 miles @ 4.3mph and 3% incline

This speed and incline really gets my sweat rolling where my shirt is drenched at the end.

NEPA: Walked 4.05 miles @4.3mph and 3% incline.

Had to wake up really early this morning.

My wife left me last night for a week; she went on a medical missions trip to Haiti with our church.

Not sure when I’m going to have a HSM since I’ve been struggling at night and last night had 250 calories of cottage cheese and almonds mixed up.

Eh. Gotta keep going and the end result will dismiss all the slip ups.

I will log strength workout later today.

BB Deadlift: 225x10,10,10,10
Decline DB Bench: 80s x 10,10,8,8,6
Lat Pulldown: 180x10,8,8,7,7
Hand WAlkout: 5 from hands, 5 from feet x 1
9 from hands, 1 from feet x 2

NEPA: Walked 4.4 miles @ 4.3 and 3.1% incline
Walked another 2.35 miles @ 4.5mph and 4.5% incline

Struggled last night.

NEPA: Walked 4.4 miles @4.35mph and 3.2% incline

Height 6’2"
Weight 223 (loss of 5lbs, remember I reset my diet on day 2 because of Packer game so it would have been close to 7lbs loss if it weren’t for me screwing up then and one night of the week as well.)
Neck 16.5 (-.5")
Shoulders 52.5 no change
Chest - Upper 47.25 (-2")
Chest - Lower 44.75 (-1.25")
Waist - at Navel 40.5 (-1.5")
Waist - at largest 41 (-1.5")
Hips - at largest 41 (-.5")
Upper Arm - L 15 (-.25:")
Upper Arm - R 16 (+.4"
Upper Leg - L 24.2 (-.3")
Upper Leg - R 24.5 (-.5")
Lower Leg - L 16 no change
Lower Leg - R 16 no change
Ankle - L 9 no change
Ankle - R 9 no change

Total inches lost so far: 7.9 inches.
I’m not thrilled with the results so far, but they show progress none the less. I’ll just keep plugging along and hope to see better body comp results the following weeks.
Will log V-diet challenge results later today. Looking for a time under 25min.

V-Diet challenge: 27 minutes.

I think I’m going to wait until sunday to have my HSM.

DAY 9 :
NEPA: walked 4.5miles @ 4.4mph and 3.7%incline.

strength training:

Squats: 245x5,5,5,5
Pullup: BW+20lbs vest: 5,4,5,4,2
DB Bench: 80s x 5,5,5,5 (need to add more weight)
AB Rollout: BWx10,10,10
Did a 2 minute set of shoulder rotation moves called monkey curlz I think with a very low weight to keep the fluid flowing in my shoulder joints and muscles.

Feeling top notch today.

Great going. Keeping a log always helps and publicly it keeps your mentally accountable.
I did that with my fb status for around a year and i was consistent all year with training n diet and really transformed.

Ur doing well, motivation can do big things.

All the best and keep going!

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