Purpose of Rez-V w/ Alpha Male and/or Carbolin 19?

If one is supplementing w/ Alpha Male (5 on 2 off) and using Carbolin 19 (on off days of Alpha Male), is Rez-V required too? What is the purpose for Rez-V to stack w/ AM and/or C-19?

If C-19 is used daily as a standalone w/out AM, how does Rez-V benefit C-19?

Other: What is better for a standalone regarding a power lifter ( Wendler 5 3 1 or Conjugate Method as in Westside - ME and DE days for Upper and Lower body) Alpha Male or C-19?

Thank you

Definitely not “required”, just beneficial and complementary.

Rez-V is still a pretty potent natural estrogen blocker, and has plenty of health benefits as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This article explains more.

Between those two, I’d say the Alpha Male since I’m presuming you’re not cutting calories (when the muscle preservation benefits of Carbolin 19 would be much more useful).

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Thanks again for your informational response :ok_hand:

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