Pulse with Plazma Like Mag-10 if Cycling Carbs?

I tend to get good results in body comp by cycling carbs with some days going higher in carbs.

Can I interchange Mag-10 and Plazma on low and high carb days? Basically wondering if I can use Mag-10 for peri-workout nutrition on a low carb day or Plazma for pulse fasting on a high carb day?

Also, is Mag-10 good for peri-workout if I’m primarily doing low rep strength training on that day? Also, if SO, then is there any reason to take Indigo-3G​ prior to those workouts or should I save it for dinner?

mertdawg, I found an old there were pulsing with Plazma was discussed. Sounds like it’s worth a shot on high carb days.

I’ve never tried just Mag-10 for a weight session, but if it is just low rep strength work, you probably aren’t using up too much glycogen. I would reserve Indigo-3G for dinner if you’re having a higher carb dinner. If not, since presumably that’s a low carb day, it still might be worth it to take it before your workout.

I think you’re on the right track with your thinking. The logic seems to make sense. As with most things, might as well give it a few weeks.

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