Pulse Timing with HIT Cardio



I am on week three of my first trial of using the whole Plazma, Indigo, Micro, Mag-10 protocol. I plan to compete in women’s physique come spring 2017.

My current program has me doing core(25 mins), my lift (1.5-2 hours) and HIT cardio(12 mins). I usually sip on a BCAA drink (Scivation X-tend) during my 12 min cardio session. Wondering if staying with the BCAA’s and then the Mag-10 post workout is the right idea or if I should switch to sipping the Mag-10 during cardio?

Right now by the end of my workout with the 2000 mL of Plazma and the 25 ounces of BCAAs, I feel like I’m floating and have to wait a bit before getting the 500 mL of Mag-10 because I just don’t have the room in my stomach for it.

So far I am happy with my performance on the protocol! Lifting more every workout.


@robstein might be able to tell you how he worked it, because I’m pretty sure he used HIIT during his bodybuilding prep.

Mag-10 is a great choice for hard cardio sessions, so I’d go with the Mag-10 instead of the BCAAs. The hydrolyzed casein in Mag-10 beats plain BCAAs in every aspect and the Plazma you had during the lifting has you covered for anything else your formula has (like the citrulline).


Thanks for the reference @Chris_Colucci.

@Ginavl425, congrats on your upcoming show! Awesome! Just to make sure I understand your current protocol correctly, you’re taking Plazma during your training, BCAA during your HIIT, then Mag-10 after HIIT?

Assuming that is correct, here are my thoughts:
-How many scoops of Plazma are you taking? If it’s one scoop, you do not need 2000mL of water, I believe the package recommends 500mL per serving. If possible I’d recommend lowering the water intake to a more reasonable amount, I recently did the same as I was tired of going to the bathroom every 15 minutes during and after my sessions :slight_smile:

During my prep, I did take advantage of all the great muscle sparing aspects of Mag-10. I took half a serving (1 scoop) before my morning cardio, and had it with my HIIT. However, I did NOT do HIIT after my weight training, I did my HIIT workouts on separate days and followed a Plazma like protocol of drinking half of it, then finishing it throughout the course of the session.

One thing I notice about your post, it says your lifting session is 1.5-2 hrs? That seems very long, especially to do HIIT afterwards. Would you mind talking about the volume and exercises you’re doing for those long sessions? I believe if you constantly do HIIT afterwards, when you get closer to the show and more depleted, those long sessions followed by HIIT might wipe you out. Just some food for thought!

So, if you’re doing HIIT after weights, I’d recommend definitely using the Mag-10 to eliminate ANY chance of muscle loss. My coach and I call Mag-10 “muscle insurance.” I think after you finish your weights, consume half of your Mag-10 before HIIT to ensure your muscles are “protected”, and half the second half after your HIIT is finished.

The BCAA’s would be ideal at other times of the day. I always have BCAA first thing in the morning upon waking with 20oz water, and between meals.

Be sure to post back with any questions, good luck on your prep!


I’m taking two scoops Plazma. Two scoops Mag-10.

My HIT is only 4 times per week. I am doing body part splits lifting, volume program so I have 2 days between body parts.

My show is April 1. I’m off season trying to keep around 20% BF and all about those lean gains.

Thank you for the feedback. I’ll give Mag10 instead of BCAAs a try. K

I’m accustomed to long workouts from my endurance sport days. These workouts are shorter than what I’ve been doing for the last two years. Thanks!