Pulse Feasting


Hi Chris! lol Do you think one can still benefit from 5 scoops of MAG-10, a scoop every couple hours as opposed to the 10 scoops per day. I know its not optimal for the pulse feast but I was doing Caesin/Whey all day then feasting at night…Going with the 5 scoops of MAG-10 must still be decent correct?


You betcha.


Well day one at one scoop per 2 hours…just isn’t enough energy wise. Going to 4 pulses (2 scoops) every two hours. Thats a can a week, or every 7 days.


…I was doing Casein/whey shakes, fish oil, and some mixed nuts during the day then feasting at night after periworkout nutrition. This worked well and hunger was satisfied. I liked this style of eating. However with just the MAG-10, I’m afraid cutting corners will just not cut it. It must be 4 x 2 scoop pulses with peri-nutrition…or on non- training days 2 x 5 pulses.


…So in the end not as cost efficent as my old Casein/Whey plan per month…but there are probably some major benefits with using the MAG-10 as far as better fat burn and higher anabolic states I bet.


Chris if I stick with the protein blend feasting instead of the MAG-10 route, would you throw in Leucine or the BCAAs for added anabolic enhancement?


I’d go with leucine.