Pulse Feast

Chris, I was reading some of the Livespill where you’re doing your version of the Pulse Feast. How long would you wait after doing the V-Diet before doing something like this. I’m about to start the first transition week, but even after I finish, still need to lose about 25lbs more of fat. I find drinking Pulses during the day to be pretty easy, so the Pulse Feast (except not an actual feast, just a good size meal) would be great.

I’d give it a week or so of full HSMs (normal healthy eating, several HSMs per day.) We just don’t want you to spend too long in the low calorie mode. The off time will be higher in calories but all healthy food choices. This will insure that your metabolism doesn’t gear down and that the habit of eating only healthy foods “sticks.” You’ll want more carbs at this time, but not from any wheat-containing foods. Rice is fine and workout drinks are encouraged.

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