Pulse Feast

Hi Chris,

I was thinking of switching to the Pulse feast after doing velocity ( I am now on my second week).

I have a couple of questions for you

Will I still lose more weight or at least look better in general if I adopt the 2nd option and not stick to low carb every night?

Is it a good idea to take a break from this during the weekend? Or, do you do it day in and day out?

How long can you actually do this for? do you need to cycle?

for Peri workout, can you just stick to MAG-10 or is it absolutely essential to add anaconda and surge workout fuel during this time.

Lastly, during the feast, do you need to protein FIRST before having a salad? Can you eat both at the same time or veggies first?



The Pulse Feast is not my plan and I didn’t like it myself. I think people should eat multiple meals in the day.

The #1 thing a V-Dieter can do is Indigo-3G. This will fix the underlying issues like dysfunctional nutrient uptake mechanisms and fat cell problems. You can find more info here: And the original article on it really digs into the science:
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