Pulse Feast and Indigo 3G

Hey, I’ve been a long time lurker (Since 2010 and joined 2012)
I’ve been using Biotest since 2010 and have never looked back.

I have a couple questions in regards to my current situation.
I’m a student, but have been fortunate in terms of financial aids, however my financial position is slowly dwindling.

Question #1:
My current Stack

  • Plazma
  • MAG-10
  • Brain Candy
  • Indigo 3G
  • Surge Workout Fuel (just the one container in case of emergency)
    Which of these are critical and cost-effective for myself? (With the use of promotion codes as well to discount some prices :wink: )
    Also would Micro-PA be an option, if at all.

My daily Routine #1 Routine #2

07:00 Wake-up
07:30 Eat breakfast (4eggs & peice of fruit)
09:00 Wake -up
11:30 (1&2)Indigo-3G(with Creatine Malate&Brain Candy)
12:00 Peri-workout* Peri-workout*
13:00 - -
14:30 (1&2)Eat Lunch (Protien Source with Rice or Potatoes)
19:00 (1&2)Eat Dinner (Same as lunch + Vegies)
23:00 (1&2)Weight-gainer (2 scoops [Contains Gluten and Dairy]}
*Peri-workout contains 2 scoops Plazma & 2 Scoops MAG-10 & Sea salt

How does my schedule look?

Also, how would a Pulse Feast work? I’m currently doing a “Pulse Feast” with some variation. It’s more of a “Pulse Fast”

Similar to either Routine #1 or #2 however I replace all meals with 2 scoops of MAG-10 Including the Weight-Gainer and that’s it, no actual Feast. When I plan on doing a “Pulse Fast”, maybe doing it for 2-3 days then moving back to the regular routine.

Drink Prep.

  • MAG-10 8 scoops
  • Water 1,600ml
  • Doses 400ml/ea
  • 4 Pulses

I am drinking additional water on the side

My apologies for the long post,pretty much lost my forum virginity, but at least it was on T-Nation.

Good questions. Glad you de-lurked!

  1. One thing to keep in mind, especially when the budget gets tight, is to put most of your focus on the workout period. So we’d suggest keeping the Plazma and Indigo-3G.

Or, use Surge Workout Fuel and Indigo-3G. The new Surge Workout Fuel will save you a few bucks, plus the new formula is almost as good as Plazma. If you want to keep Plazma in, keep in mind that many people find that 1 serving pre-load and 1 serving during is all they need. You can also tweak that based on that day’s workout. Maybe 2 servings total on an easier “arms” day and 3 servings on a longer, tougher leg or big lifts day.

  1. Micro-PA is great, but if budget is an issue, it’s a option. Better to keep peri-workout nutrition optimal and hold off on Micro-PA for a while.

Another budget idea is to use only 4 capsules of Indigo-3G per serving. If you’ve been on it a while, that may be all you need. This will make the bottle last a little longer for you but will still have a powerful effect.

As for discount codes, that’s up to the big boss, but I don’t see any coming around the corner.

  1. Brain Candy is also an option. It just depends on how important it is for you. As a student, it may be very important. But physique-wise, it’s just an nice extra. Some people love a pre-workout boost and others are fine with nothing or just a hit of cheap caffeine. Up to you. Again, if you had to cut something, keep the workout nutrition intact and drop the extras.

  2. A Pulse Fast plan is great if you like the effects. Not mandatory of course, but some people find it cheaper than a full day of eating whole foods. I personally wouldn’t suggest a Pulse Fast more than once a week.

Thanks Chris, I appreciate the feedback!

Last question!
With regards to the 4 capsules of Indigo-3G, how long would I need to be Indigo-3G taking 6 capsules before moving down to 4 capsules? I began Oct. 8 Stopped Oct. 10 (Forgot to bring bottle home) and started again on Oct. 13 and have been on Indigo-3G since.

We’d give it 6-8 weeks, but it may depend on how much you have to “repair” as far as fat cell metabolism, nutrient uptake etc. goes. Typically, people who have been overweight in the past do better by staying on full dose Indigo-3G longer. But if you’ve never had the “I get real fat even looking at a carb” problem, and you’re mainly using it to drive in the peri-workout nutrition, then a few weeks should be fine.

One thing I think really worked well for me was adding a Leucine pulse to my whole food meals… Could have been over kill but I never felt better.

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