Pulse Feast and HPmass in Pre Contest Phase


Hello Chris,

Experimenting with my training I’m feel so comfortable with CT approaches as far as training is concerned. And I’m following a Pulse Feast with good results, I mean without much effort I’m putting mass with my bodyfat “low”.

I’m aware to reach a single digit is a big effort and is another war, but I’d like to know how to manipulate some variables as I’ll do a newest way to get lean for me. In a nutshell:

Day 1 - AM Upper body HPmass - PM Isolation circuits
Day 2 - AM Upper body complex circuit - PM Sled Delts pecs triceps
Day 3 - AM Back Bicpes - PM Sled Back Biceps
Day 4 - AM Lower body HPmass - PM Isolation circuits
Day 5 - AM Lower body complex circuit - PM Sled legs
Day 6 - AM Traps Biceps - PM Sled Back Biceps
Day 7 - Neural charge workout

Fast cardio (non panting) If it’s necessary

So my questions are:

How can I manipulate Pulse feast considering my big workout is AM? Is recommendable take the meal after the first training?

Maybe I spread isolation work in different sessions through the day, like the segmentation mentioned by CT, so is good approach have 2 scoops of Mag10 between isolation sessions? For example in day 1:

Anaconda protocol
HPmas training
Solid meal
4-6 hours later 2 Scoops MAG-10
Delt isolation circuits
30-60 min later 2 scoops MAG-110
Pecs isolation circuits
30-60 min later 2 scoops MAG-110
Triceps isolation circuits
Fast until next AM workout

For the starting point of the meal, How much protein fat and carbs do you recommend? normally protein and veggies would be the first choice and carbs added if it’s necessary.

And last, When I can take HOT-ROX Extreme? It’ll be my unique fat burner, and my supps will be Alpha Male, RezV and Superfood.

Thanks Chris, this is a big challenge for me and I’d appreciate your help.


Wow, those are some complex questions, and honestly are the kind of questions I’d need much more info to answer. For example, I’m just going to have to assume you’re male, but I know nothing else about: age, stats, experience level etc.

Also, you’re asking me a whole lot of questions about someone else’s plans: CT’s. And his Pulse Feast article and LiveSpill answers some of your questions it seems.

Honestly, I think you’re trying to do like 3 plans here at once. It doesn’t have to be nearly that complex.

This is so complex all I can personally tell you to do is try it, see what happens, and course-correct if needed.

As for HOT-ROX, just follow label directions.


I’m agree on it can be a mixture of 3 plans, but look, all these plans are published in various phases, so firstly during months, I was experimenting with such kind of workout, when CT started to talk early in live spill, with Daryl and so on. After that and with some evolutions, it appear pusle fast and pulse feast, so when I was adapted to train, I changed my nutrition. For example I don’t do pulse fast because I’m feel bad, but with pulse feast I’m very comfortable.

I train with HPmass principles and my nutrition is like pulse feast. I’m with this during many weeks. I keep in the same plan faithful. The unique variation is spread the isolation sessions and try to do this mini pulses.

My doubts are in modify anaconda protocol and the meal, because I reach always one point I’m not able to go under 10% of bodyfat. Before manage calorie intake I prefer to play with more training without imapir my recovery capacities.

It’s me:

I’m natural, 32 yo, and 14 years of training. only following CT and your recommendations about nutrition. I’m train alone and I can’t share my experiences because none understand such principles.

Anyway, thanks for your quick reply. I understand it’s difficult give recommendations in a forum.