Pulse Feast, Alive or Dead?


[quote]HUNTER13 wrote:
And there’s no other supplement that is similar but a bit more cost effective?[/quote]

If you want maximal results from your efforts, no there isn’t.

Regular protein isn’t absorbed fast enough to create the necessary amino spike and it doesn’t clear the system fast enough to create the “valleys” in blood amino acids. You want both to maximize anabolism: the greatest the delta (variation) between the low and high point, the greater the anabolic response.

Isolated amino acids might be fast enough BUT since they do not have the full amino acid profile you will not have the material necessary to build muscle once you start the anabolic process.

But think about it… let’s say that you are doing 3 pulses per day that means that a tub of MAG-10 will last you about 10 days at 69$… so 7$ per day.

Now consider that with pulse feasting you are decreasing the amount of solid food you are eating, not completely but about the equivalent of 1 or 1 1/2 meal less… so you are probably saving 5-10$ per day in food.

So it’s not like you are losing money at the end of the line.


When do you take things like vitamin c, multi, and fish oil?


I just bought the bottle and 2 bags of Mag-10. I need to lean out bad, I was still finding it hard to get 6 meals down during my day, Like CT said in the article, I used to be 300lbs, and dieting always freaked me out cause I didn’t want to fall off the wagon. But I still love food with a passion (used to be a chef before I became personal trainer). When I read the article it seemed like something, I could get used to. I am going to try it for a month. See how it goes?


1 month later, hows it going @ironmongol?