Pulse Fast without Power Drive?

I ordered by Pulse Fast kit, but the Power Drive was on back order for about two weeks. The MAG-10 and other goodies were delivered. Do you recommend doing a pulse fast without the Power Drive?


It can be done, but it’s much better with the Power Drive in terms of how you’ll feel and even controlling cravings.

Thanks for the quick response Chris.

Here’s an update. I couldn’t wait for the Power Drive, so I did my first Pulse Fast yesterday with just the MAG-10. Wow. What an experience. It’s the first day since…ever, that I’ve gone longer than a few hours without some kind of solid meal. The thought of any kind of fasting was foreign to me and would’ve let to somekind of hostile reacation from me. My fitness and nutrition evolution has been quite an interesting experience lately.

Overall, the Pulse Fast went great and I feel great today. I had a difficult time getting the pre-mid-post workout drinks down, which put me off schedule a little bit during the mid-afternoon. I got hungry around dinner time, but i think it was mainly due to watching the family eat and not really having anything to do to keep me occupied at the time. I can’t wait to try this again with the Power Drive.

Thanks for the update. You’ll find it all a bit easier with the Power Drive, plus the more Pulse Fasts you do the easier they become.

Always good to have an evening plan too. That’s when it gets tough as the day starts to settle down and we enter the time period where we naturally consume the most food. It’s more habit than hunger. Sounds like you handled it pretty well though!

I tried a pulse fast without Power Drive…didn’t work at all. I was ravenous with hunger and eventually broke. I cheated with mass quantities of chicken, veggies, and sun-dried tomatoes with parmesan cheese. I think it’s funny that I consider this cheating after the V-Diet.

Did the pulse fast with only 6 pulses, no Alpha-GPC, and without Power Drive. I drank coffee in the morning, and green tea later if I was getting a little foggy. I pushed the pulses to the max time in between, 3 hours (per the guidelines). Yeah I got a little hungry at times, and my mind was fixated on food at times, but its like Dan John says, “If it were easy everyone would do them, like 5Ks.” Worked great for me, and I saved a few bucks!!! More pulses per bottle this way.

Oh, yeah. I did not do the pre, mid, and post-wo pulses. Just the 3 hours apart schedule. This is what keep it down in the 6 range. Yeah I changed it up from the recommendations, but I knew that I was experiementing and wasn’t going to complain if my results sucked. I was very happy with my results. I knew that it would be harder to do this with fewer pulses and without the “mental clarity” supps, but I expected this. In the end I just did it, am happy that I did, and plan to make this a regular lifestyle habit.


Has Biotest thrown the idea around to make a whey hydrolysate product without the carbs that one would get in Surge? I have been reading some old forum posts and it seems to me like whey hydrolysate is to casein hydrolysate as a Ferrari or Lamborghini is to a Bugatti in terms of speed of absorption. Thibs even posted before Anaconda’s release that one could use WH instead of CH as it was almost as fast in absorption and would casue a similar spike in aminos. I think that WH would be cheaper than CH, at least this is what I find when I price out the two products on other sites.

I liken it to having avaialable the option to choose Metabolic Drive LC and Grow! Whey. I hope that this is does not seem insulting. I could see it hard to produce a product that would be inferior to MAG-10/Anaconda, but it would be nice for us that want to save some money and yet get some of the benefits.

It would be nice to have a good Biotest WH product and to mix it with the liquid flavoring system. I have thought about ordering some WH from another site and try it out with the pulse protocol, but think that I would do more vomitting than pulsing without the flavoring system. I also don’t like ordering products from other compainies. What are your thoughts?

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