Pulse Fast w/ Mag-10 - Thanks!


I read about both the pulse feast and pulse fast options and decided to try the fast option one day a week.
At first I was skeptical because I didn’t feel like much changed after the 3 days. The first go, I fasted on a Thursday with Mag-10 but played an indoor soccer game with Surge Workout Fuel. Then Friday I ate your standard fish, chicken, veggies potatoes for my meals and worked out. Saturday the same.

I weighed myself again on Sunday and had only lost 1 lb. However, I decided to keep trying it out. I have changed my fast days to Tuesdays, which is a yoga/mobility day for me and then hit it hard “ish” Wednesday and Thursday and feel like I am turning into a fat melting machine. I even went hambone with my diet across the weekend and have still been dropping weight.

I workout with Plazma and only take another Mag-10 right before bed on lifting days. Also use Indigo-3G.

Just want to give a shout out because I am having some success with my goal of getting leaner without losing strength. Through 3 weeks/fast I am down 6 pounds of fat so far. Thanks for posting that article about the pulse fast. I recommend giving it a try.


That’s awesome! They are definitely my preferred way of eating. Simple, painless, and effective.