Pulse Fast Question


Hi Chris,

I’ve read the pulse fast article and have already successfully completed one. My question is can the pulse fast be done a little differently? I was thinking about a pulse fast leading up to an HSM instead of after, with the pulse fast beginning midday on Friday and going to Saturday evening. Would I lose some benefit of pulsing by having the first bottle Friday afternoon/evening and the second bottle Saturday morning/afternoon?


That’s doable. It’s a pretty versatile plan.

Have you seen the Pulse Feast plan? Here’s the link, just in case:


Thanks Chris. I have read that article since posting this and may give that a try instead. Any opinions as to which would be better fat loss wise while on the V-Diet?


I’d go with the Pulse Fast in that situation, just once per week if using along with the V-Diet. Or do a two week V-Diet with a Pulse Fast every Monday and Thursday. I did that once and dropped fat SCARY fast.


Ok cool, thanks for the advice. I just got my pulse fast kit in the mail today. I will do a pulse fast on Monday after my Christmas HSM.