Pulse Fast During V-Diet Transition Results

Hey y’all,

I wanted to chime in with my .005 cents and provide some feedback on my experience. I haven’t seen anyone comment on their pulse fast during a V-Diet transition so I hope this will be helpful to those about to start.

Background: I started the V-Diet on Thursday, Sep 9th and finished on Wednesday, Oct 6th.

[Sidebar] I thought about finishing the transition as written but was too excited to try out the pulse fast…figured I might as well give it a go and see what happens. [End Sidebar]

My final V-Diet transition measurements will take place on Thursday but was curious about how the pulse fast would/could accelerate fat loss. I decided to weigh myself and measure waist, love handles and upper abs only.

Here’s what went down (Monday, Oct 18th):

  1. Weighed and measured myself first thing after waking up.
  2. Weight was down .5 lbs from Thursday, Oct 14th to Monday, Oct 18th (followed the transition plan to the “T”).
  3. Waist/love handle measurements were exactly the same as Thursday.
  4. Started pulses at 0900 and worked out at 1100 (consumed 3 pulses pre/during/post W/O).
  5. Last pulse was at 2320 (did the 10 pulse protocol).

Results (Tuesday, Oct 19th):

  1. Weight: down 3.3 lbs - pretty impressive after doing 4 weeks of the V-Diet and almost the entire transition period. It’s significant because I haven’t had any carbs other than post-workout Surge (so it wasn’t the “I binged yesterday and lost a ton of water/bloat”-type loss).
  2. Waist/love handles/upper-abs: down 1/4" on each. This doesn’t seem like much compared to some others, but it’s significant because I’m within 1/4" of having the smallest waist I’ve ever had and the measurements hadn’t gone down the previous four days (and only went down 1/4" after the first week of the transition).

Personal thoughts:

  1. I think the pulse fast is a game-changer. I also think this is the no-shit “solution” most of us have been looking for.
  2. It truly is an “accelerant” for the v-diet and I agree with Chris that the current V-Diet (as-written) is probably obsolete (although it’s still a valuable tool at crushing bad dietary habits).
  3. The pulse fast is a piece of cake after completing the V-Diet. Anyone who says otherwise, probably didn’t follow the V-Diet to the letter.
  4. I’d forgotten how awesome Power Drive is. I hadn’t used it in years and I forgot how it makes me feel “on”. It’s hard to explain, but it’s the shit!
  5. Orange mixed in bottle one (with Power Drive) is damn tasty. Berry in bottle two is great for some variety. I plan to try grape on Thursday.
  6. I never felt hungry and had the most focus/energy I’ve had since starting the V-Diet in Sep.

Bottom line: I’m sold on the pulse fast strategy. If you’re about to start your v-diet transition, add at least one pulse to each week, if not two. And for those that care, I’ll report back on Thursday with my results to see how the pulse affected my weekly V-Diet numbers.

Take it easy,

Thanks for the report, Nate!

I thought I’d check in with the results from my second pulse fast.

Day of the pulse fast (Oct 21):

  1. 10-pulse protocol with deadlift workout (deload week from DeFranco’s BLAB program).
  2. Pulse timing was the same as posted above.


  1. Weight down 3 lbs.
  2. Measurements down 1/4" on LH/W and 3/8" on UA.

Random Thoughts:

  1. I gained 2 lbs between pulses (Oct 19-22). Guess I was overzealous in my “I’m on the V-Diet transition and don’t have water to lose” statement from above. Like all things in training, it’s what happens over the long haul that matters.
  2. My final weekly V-Diet transition results doubled from the previous two weeks. I had only lost 1 lb each of the two weeks prior to starting the pulse fast. After two pusles, losing 2 lbs in a week is proof (in the short-term) the pulse fast protocol can accelerate fat loss. All other bodypart measurements stayed the same, which is how I track fat loss. If my waist/mid-section go down, and arms/legs/chest/shoulders stay the same (or grow), I’m heading in the right direction. [Note: I don’t care what the scale says, but I still use it to compare week-to-week results]
  3. The orange flavoring/Power Drive combo is seriously addicting.
  4. It’s a toss-up between berry and grape.
  5. I can’t believe how easy it is to pulse…no hunger issues and it’s almost too convenient.
  6. I’m still sold on the pulse fast protocol…I’ll be doing 2 more pulses next week.

Oh, and let’s get some more threads started so we can see what other’s are doing to personalize the protocol. I’m curious to see other people’s results.

Take it easy,

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