Pulse Fast Coming Off the V-Diet



Happy Holidays my brother! Quick picking of your brain regarding pulse fasts. I’ve done three on the V-Diet and love it.

1.) Now entering a Drop Set Arms workout destroyer once per week and a maintenance day once per week, If I Pulse Fast on the actual arms day with adding Anaconda, will this give the same effect as the day after or two days following the fast??? Say if I Fast Sunday, and train arms Monday, or Tuesday is this more preferable than a Monday Fast with Arms training? The article says the two to three days post Fast are the best???

I know you know! lol




My person preference is to do a Pulse Fast on an “off” day (light day, cardio-only day, Neural Charge-only etc.), then use the day after for the toughest workout of the week. I think that rebound effect occurs pretty quickly.