Pulse Fast and CKD

Hey man. I was trying to reference something I read in Tim’s original PF article on 10/7/2010. When I click on the link, it redirects me to the store. Is this on purpose? Is there a way I can read the original article?

Here’s the thing. I’ve had great results with the V-Diet and with the PF protocol. Currently doing a CKD with one or two PF (old formula, old protocol) days per week. I am trying to optimally place a PF day either before or after my carb up. I seem to recall something in the original article about optimal placement of a PF day with regard to overfeeds, or some shit like that. Just curious is you have an opinion.

Thanks Dude.

The original article was no longer accurate because the formula of <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 was updated and the serving sizes changed. The basic concept of a Pulse Fast is still solid though.

Most people prefer to do a Pulse Fast day once or twice per week, with one of those coming on Monday or the day after a refeed or cheat day. I like to do a Pulse Fast on a non-training day myself, often when traveling.

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