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If I’m doing 30 ish minutes steady state cardio (jogging at around 6.5 to 7.0 mph on the treadmill) on a pulse fast day, what would I do in terms of the pulses? I plan on jogging about a half hour after waking up, so should I have a pulse first thing, then one right after the jog?..I’m thinking that I will prepare my first bottle with the Power Drive and all the other stuff and go ahead as usual. Is that right?

On a side note, I’m still doing a 95% clean bulk. I’m eating about 3500 cals, 300-350g carb, 90ish g fats, 220ish g protein per day. My gains are noticeable, and I do a pulse fast on sunday - strategically after having a little cheat on saturday nights…I’m loving the clean bulk by the way! Eating 2,000 calories just wasn’t working for me! Thanks.

By the way, what do you think about fat gain on a bulk? I’ve read your articles, but still there are some guys who say to eat a whole lot and go for size, even if you get fat in the process. I disagree, but some swear by dirty bulking. I’ve always thought that slow and steady wins the race. Is there any merit to the dirty bulk? I feel like it would just leave a BBer w/ bad food habits and negative health effects…

  1. I would definitely do a pulse pre-morning-cardio. Then just continue the day as normal, dividing pulses evenly throughout.

  2. I think fat gain should be kept minimal on a mass plan. The body doesn’t magically start building more muscle the fatter you get, as Poliquin, Thibaudeau and many others have written. Muscle gain is the same with the ideal amount of extra calories (800 to 1000 over maintenance per day) as it is with an excessive amount.

I think most “dirty bulkers” just enjoy eating garbage foods and a bulk is a great excuse to do so. I also think they mistake fat gain and bloat for muscle gain. You see this a lot with competitive bodybuilders (at least natural ones) - bulk to 240, compete at 180. Bulk again for the next show to 240ish, cut back down and compete, again, at 180. All the while engraining bad eating habits, developing food addictions, and messing up long-term health.

It seems like a great plan: bulk, gain fat and muscle, then lose the fat and keep the muscle. But you don’t see it actually work much in real life unless the guy is a steroid user (and even then he’s just living in a “rented physique” as Thibaudeau calls it.) Many “dirty bulkers” are using steroids whether they admit it publicly or not. I’d also say it works okay for teenagers. “Dirty bulk” at 35 and you may just end up as the fat guy with good traps on a never-ending mass phase.

That stuff aside, it’s very easy to eat an extra 1000 calories of clean food a day. No legitimate reason to nosh junk food.

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