Pullup Substitute?

Hi all, I might start the beginner V-Diet workout, but I don’t have access to proper equipment for an exercise - I do have a home gym though.

Pulldowns - (Would my body weight for a chin/pull up be as effective?)


I highly doubt you can do reps of your bodyweight unless you are really light/strong.

A pull-up doesn’t require a pull up bar honestly, only something thats high enough that your feet can be off the ground (you can even curl your feet).

Sometimes I do pull-ups on rectangular steel bar, like that crosses the cables, just to add a variation in grip.

So it may be time to run out and use a tree limb or clothes pole.

Of course if you still can’t manage to finagle something, then just use pull downs with an appropriate weight.

Thank you for the response, however I was asking about a suitable substitute for an exercise; not a critique of my ability (which you don’t know of). But thanks for the reply. I might try pullups. =)

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