Pulling the Trigger on the V-Diet

Hey guys I’m putting this up so I can have a place to keep track of how I’m doing and also have the support of everyone here on the forum. I’ve loved weightlifting for a long time but got sidetracked a couple of years back playing world of warcrack, about 4 months ago I completely broke that addiction and have been back in the gym 3 days a week and feeling a lot better.

There is a dude at the gym I go to that recommended I check out this site and after looking around I read the whole V-Diet and re-read it about 10 times before deciding to go ahead and pull the trigger on it. I’m really excited to be doing this and the changes I will see because of it.

I’ve been following the Shake plan today and it’s deff going to take a bit of getting used to but thats nothing that can’t be overcome!

Here are my Measurements
Height 5’11"
Weight 280 lbs
Neck 18 1/2"
Shoulders 54"
Chest upper 48 1/4"
Chest lower 46"
Waist at the navel 49 1/2"
Waist at the Largest 49 1/2
Hips at the Largest 49"
Upper Arm L 15"
Upper Arm R 16 1/4"
Upper Leg L 28"
Upper Leg R 28 1/2"
Lower Leg L 18 1/2"
Lower Leg R 19 1/2"
Ankle L 10 3/4"
Ankle R 10 1/2"

Glad you’re getting back on the path. Keep us updated!

Looks like your serious and motivated to get good results. I’m 16 days in and it feels great, I’m seeing changes everyday. Keep strong man!

Ya 2nd day almost done:) I can see I’m going to have to do a bit more planning to make sure i have the drinks with me when i’m out working. I almost missed the mid afternoon shake because I didn’t bring it with me. Not to bad so far but I don’t eat at home usually so no real food cravings from that. Man I am still feeling yesterdays workout as that was the first time I had done squats in awhile. Thanks for the comments guys I can’t wait to see how big the changes are in a month!!

Done with day 3 and starting day 4! The cravings are kicking in a little bit I just want something solid and warm to eat:) ahh well this is about change and getting it done.

2nd workout was a bit rough but did ok on it I deff see serious room for improvement.

Finished with day 5 last night and halfway through day 6 right now I’m so looking forward to my HSM tomorrow!!! My workout yesterday was the best one so far I’m feeling very good after and the nepa’s have been inspiring my friends to go with me and get some exercise (and my dog loves them:) Also I have almost zero desire for soda’s which has been a long time issue I’ve been drinking a TON of water because I just feel so much better and it tastes good. I can’t wait for my first weight in and remeasure.

I have more energy then I remember having in some time. Partly I think thats been because of reading the blogs and seeing people do the same thing I am and changing for the positive.
It’s been a bit of a shock realizing how much food plays into your success as an athlete.

I can’t wait to see how things are going to turn out because of this!!!

Your almost through week 1 and a much deserved HSM on the way. Yeah working around the shakes takes some getting used to. Looking forward to the first comparison.

Hey is tomorrow your first weigh in and re-measure? You sound like you are doing really well with this! Cant wait to see week 1 results :wink:


Hey Meu,
Sounds like you’re doing great. The first week is the hardest and then you just get used to it. Day 15 for me. I don’t really get hungry anymore, I don’t have any cravings, I enjoy the workouts and most importantly I’ve gotten used to the taste of the shakes.

I don’t even mind them anymore. Enjoy your first HSM…you’re going to love it!!! Its the best part of the week…or maybe tied for first place with taking your measurments and seeing the numbers going down :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: ya it’s been rough readjusting out of the bad eating habits but even if i haven’t lost anything I still feel a lot better physically.
Ya I’m looking forward to my steamed veggies and some form of ka-bobs tomorrow mebbe a yogurt sauce of some sort. the possibilities are endless!


PS. My first weight in will be Monday when I go back to the gym for my Mon workout.

Ok just did my first V-Burn challenge HAHA that kind of kicked my butt oh well feels good now that i’m done.

I found a program that will let you map your walks and stuff here is one of the routes i walk if anyone cares:)

Ok my HSM last night was incredible! I never thought I’d enjoy the intricate flavors of a roasted vegetable or spinach lol.
Tonight I’m going into the gym for the Monday workout and i will do my first weight in so crosses fingers Going back to shakes today was kind of a let down after the meal but they are getting a lot easier to work with I’m getting the thickness down pat and mixing flavors.

I’m pulling for all the others that are working with this as well
as I know it’s quite a challenge and a fair bit of work.

After first weight in last night I’m down to 272 so -8 lbs first week :)!!! That deff helps reinforce the desire to finish the program!!

Middle of week 2 things are going solid!! My energy levels are still up which is awesome it’s nice not to feel lethargic after such a drastic dietary change! Heres to my goal of 215ish (ultimate weight decided by mirror;)

I had a really rough weekend as I did a lot of traveling that was not really conducive to shakes.:frowning: I was still able to keep up mostly but ya rough weekend. Whatever the case I’m fully back on the bandwagon and glad to be pushing forward strongly towards day 28!!:slight_smile:

Did my 2nd weigh in last night and i’m down to 268 which means -4 more lbs! So given the weekend and still being down woo hoo!!

Keep it up! I always have extra protein with me…just incase I get caught up in something and don’t have time to get home for the next meal, or feeding.

You’re kickin ass dude. I never understood that WoW thing. Guess we all have our own addictions. Glad to see that you kicked it and now on a better path.

great job- “closest” thing I’ve ever done to WoW was City of Villains.

[quote]LizStephenson wrote:
I always have extra protein with me

That’s a good idea I will try to make sure i do that.

Ya the wow thing I always said i wouldn’t but i played it thanks to my brother in law, and got stuck. Kind of the same reason I refuse to drink I get addicted to stupid stuff way to easily.

The training program has been feeling awesome my lifts are getting stronger i’m able to go out a lot farther on the ab-wheel roll out which is gratifying.

I started thinning the crap out of the shakes and just chugging them in 15 seconds or so and it has made it a lot more palatable then trying to doctor them up for flavor.

I’m on day 17 and going strong I’ll get some pics here soon my pants are fitting loose which is a feeling i haven’t had ever i think.

Hey Guys I know this is kind of random but I thought I would show you my progress from April, While V-Diet wasn’t what got me to here it was an incredible start that has really propelled me down the road to being a FFB.

I am now 226 lbs I have been eating super healthy and losing 3-10lbs month and in the gym 4-5 days per week. I will continue to drop weight until probably 200 lbs or so then re-evaluate where I am via the mirror and more pics.

I really appreciate the V-Diet since it really caused a massive change in my life this year.
This pic is a month old so it is good but not the most current progress.

I also have no Idea why this is in the Helpful Tips area but hey whatever! :smiley:

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