Pulled Back / Workout Schedule?

So on Wednesday, during my push press sets, on the very last set I didn’t unlock my knees completely when I caught the barbell and f’ed my back in the process. It had been hurting a bit already and this substantially worsened whatever was already wrong. I’m hitting up a chiropractor today and hopefully he can fix the issue fairly quickly. If not I’m going to go see a masseuse and I’m pretty sure that should help.

So here’s my question, if the chiropractor says to take a few days off from lifting that involves my lower back should I…

A) Do the velocity workout but sub out the dead lift for something that wouldn’t strain my back? And do the same thing for subsequent workouts until my back feels better.

B) Take a break from lifting today and Saturday and then lift in the morning and do the V-challenge Sunday (assuming back feels better then) or shove in an extra workout next week to make up for the missed Friday lift.

C)Take the day off, make sure I have a fairly active set of do something days this weekend and get back into the lifting routine next week?

Take a day off of training if needed, then use substitute exercises as/if needed.

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