Public Humiliation's V-Diet Log

Step 1 - supplements ordered.

I added some Hot-Rox and some ZMA.

Expect arrival in the next 3-5 days.

Why am I doing this?

I am 5’11 258 lbs. 30+ % BF. I need to change.

I have rationalized for a long time. I have yo yo’d in the past, and over the past two years, have lost my way. My diet has been a “whatever I feel like” and the results have been as expected.

This program offers a simple approach to dietary modification and offers amazing results. Why is it simple? Everything I need to do is laid out for me, I can let go of the daily decision fatigue, and just “do”.

The plan.

Commit. Make it public. Make the price of failure high. Follow the plan.

28 days of discipline. 180 degree change.

Day 1

Followed the diet prescription throughout the day.

0900 - 2 Scoops Metabolic Drive / 1 Scoop Superfood / 1 Flameout
1200 - 2 Scoops Metabolic Drive / 1 Flameout
1600 - 2 Scoops Metabolic Drive / 1 Flameout

2000 - HSM (4 oz steak, 1 palm sized red potatoes w/ salt/pepper / Green beans ) 32 oz water

2230 - 2 Scoops Metabolic Drive / 1 Flameout

I also take ZMA at bedtime and 1 capsule HOT-ROX around 1000.


Unboxing the Velocity Diet gear.

8 containers of metabolic drive
2 containers of flame out
Note: flame out comes with a funnel, Flavor intensifier, and a plastic container to mix it all into.
2 bottles of Flame out.

@testosterific - there may not be many people lurking on here but I am and we’re starting our journey within a couple of days of each other (my gear should arrive tomorrow). I’ve never done the V-Diet before, so although I can’t offer words of wisdom or experience with the program, I’ll be right there with you every step of the way.

Good luck!

Alright JDub, some accountability, I like it!

Every little bit will help.

Day 2

Nepa walk 1 hour.

0800 Shake, Superfood, Flameout
1130 Shake, Flameout
1430 Shake, Flameout
1800 HSMIMG_3570
2100 Shake, Flameout

Good day.

Prep is important when you are busy. Decrease the chances of letting life get in the way. Also preps the mind for coming days action by “pre-determining” one’s action.

Tonight I prepped several HSM for the days to come. Marinating some carne asada, some k-bobs, and cut up some veggies.

Next, I pre-portioned the shakes for the week, and put the supplements into some containers as well.

I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve made healthy food and walked out the door and left it in the fridge!

Pic below are the shakes I put together for home. I did the same thing and packed it up and put it in my truck’s driver seat. Will be difficult to forget it.


I like the idea of splitting the shakes up into daily bundles. I was planning on just bringing a couple of bags of Metabolic Drive to work and keeping in my office. May adopt your approach for week 2 if I’m struggling. Nice job on day 1.

Day 3

0500 - Shake, Superfood, Flameout
0800 - Shake, Flameout
1215 - Shake, Flameout
1515 - Shake, Flameout
1745 - Plazma
1800 - Workout
2000 - HSM


Nepa - 1 hr walk

Thing’s i’ve noticed:

  1. Sense of taste has changed; can appreciate sweetness in veggies.

  2. I look forward to my HSM, have slowed down eating, to savor, and get a true sense of when I’m “satisfied”

  3. Appreciated black coffee’s taste more than I ever thought I would.

  4. I have not felt “starved” at all. I have felt cues to eat that are not initiated from physical hunger.

Day 4

0615 - Shake, Superfood, Flameout
1215 - Shake, Flameout
1515 - Shake, Flameout
1900 - HSM
2230 - Shake, Flameout

Things i’ve noticed:

  1. Bowel habits: diarrhea. nearly every BM for past 72 hours. Not copious amounts, concerning for cholera or C. Diff, but diarrhea none the less.

I assume it’s due to the fact that liquids pass the pylorus so quickly and the osmotic load to the small bowel result in the phenomenon.

  1. The preparation I did this weekend, by placing supplements and protein into individual servings size sandwich bags, has proven to be very convenient and reinforces good behavior.


0615 - Shake, Superfood, Flameout
1515 - Shake, Flameout
1900 - HSM
2230 - Shake, Flameout

Busy day at work. Missed lunch.

No dedicated NEPA; did have 12,000 steps though.

No workout today.


Started this journey on Saturday June 2, 2018

Weight 260lbs

Neck 17.25 in
R Arm 15.75
L Arm 15.5
Chest @ nipples 46.5
Waist @ navel 47.5
Hips 48
R Leg 28
L Leg 28

Day 8

D1 Weight - 260
D8 Weight - 252.6

Measurements and photos to follow.

Novelty has worn off. Grind begins. 20 more days.

GI symptoms have abated.

Really enjoying HSM.

Thought I would miss my evening IPA’s, but I have not. Replaced them with cold sparkling water and have enjoyed it just as much.

Pleased with the progress thus far and am excited for the next three weeks.

Upcoming goals: follow the program. Increase intensity in the gym.

Day 12

Still here. The grind.

Diet has been on point. Only one meal that was out of line thus far.

GI system is in good shape. Took me 10 days to get back to baseline.

Look forward to Saturdays measurements.

Nicely done, sir. Trending in the right direction on all fronts. One slip isn’t a big deal. I had some extra protein yesterday and didn’t grudge it too much. Keep true to the process and this phase will be over before you know it. My wife is expecting in September and at the end of my Vd I’ll have to do something to continue the journey in some way, shape or form. Might just keep at it but swap lunch shake with another HSM so I feel like I can act a little more normally. Let’s see what happens in 3 weeks I guess.

I’m going to be following both of you. I am starting tomorrow. I just took my before pics and I am disgusted! I have been as high as 255 lbs. and down to a physique competition weight of 148 lbs at 5% body fat. How I got myself back to 206.4 lbs in just one year is beyond me! In any case I’m ready and willing to kick it into high gear! I’ll put all my stats and pics in another post. Feel free to check in on me. :slight_smile:

Get it, girl! I just started this week…looking forward to hearing about your progress!

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Congrats on the new addition.

Yes, transitioning out of the V-diet will be a welcome change, though there is some comfort in the fact that the prescription of the V-diet is so well defined.

In the end, it’s about establishing habits that promote the health/physique/lifestyle you desire. I think the V-Diet has allowed me to enjoy whole foods / veggies / lean proteins so much more than when I was eating hyper-palatable foods at will. For that alone, the V-Diet has been a success.



When you start your thread, tag us in it so we can follow.

Best of luck. This is doable.

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