PSlave's V-Diet Log

Hey everyone,

Former T-Man back from the Land of the Fat! I was in perhaps the best shape of my life about a year-and-a-half ago. After reinjuring an old neck/shoulder wound and being sidelined from the gym for a few months, I let myself go. My bodyfat ballooned up like Rush Limbaugh’s blood pressure. I have been back in the gym for the past eight months or so, but been absolutely disgusted with myself. Eating has been cleaner… kind of. Instead of 90% clean and 10% cheat, I was about 75% junk and 15% clean! No way to live and an absolute disgrace to all things manly. I knew it was time to lose those embarrassing size 37 pants.

I knew the best way to make a change was with the V-Diet. I also knew, from having successfully completed the first version of this diet six years ago, that it was going to be a hell of a ride. In early November, I knew the V-Diet was in my future. I ALSO knew that my willpower was worse than that of a two-year-old so, as difficult as this is for me to admit, I decided I had to wait until after the holidays.

The disadvantage: after years of laughing at people who made New Year’s resolutions to “get back in sahpe…” well, I became one of them. <Insert foot in mouth here, I guess> The advantage? I had two months to psych myself up AND be disgusted with myself. The result? Thoroughly convinced and motivated to make the change!

DAY ONE: Mon, 01/04

I was very excited to start, and it was about damn time. I had buy-in from my girlfriend. She’s from California, so I explained the Velocity Diet as a type of detox diet: Detox from bad shit in my system AND bad food cravings. She’s on a diet herself, so we’re able to support each other.

Waterbury’s Advanced Training kicked my ass… and I LOVED it! No one sells ab wheels around here, so I substituted with some weird board my gym has, which was mounted on four wheels. Did the trick. To avoid this in the future, I ordered an ab wheel from I looked at the treadmill and knew I’d be bored out of my skull, so I took a half-hour walk this evening… in about -4 degree weather. Fun.

I don’t know about other people, but I love the taste of Banana or Chocolate Metabolic Drive mixed with Superfood and Leucine. Delish!

DAY TWO: Tue, 01/05

Took another walk today, and yes, it was outside. That’s probably going to be how I do it going forward. Chris wrote years ago that outdoor walks are a great way to keep yourself going. Unlike with a treadmill, you have to walk back home. You can’t just give up, unless you want to be a pussy and call a cab. So I don’t carry my wallet…

Today I had the runs and some horrible gas. I know that several other people have reported this, and I have a few theories. First up: the switch to an all-liquid diet. My body is not used to that! Second: the drastic increase in protein. As a fatboy, my protein intake had dropped dramatically. Oops. I’m such a dumbass. Three: the HOT-ROX. I hadn’t taken it for quite some time, but I remember stacking HOT-ROX and Alpha Male years ago, and having to RACE to the bathroom with ass cheeks clenched about 45 minutes after taking the supps.

Well, who cares… as I sit there with a smile on my face (and nose pinched shut), I just picture it as fat leaving my body.

Feel free to throw up now.

DAY THREE: Wed, 01/06

Advanced training again kicked my ass, and I again jumped for joy. Damn, I love this shit. The only thing I wasn’t able to do was the last ab exercise. My abs were still extremely sore from Monday, and my lower back had a rubbery feeling. I don’t mind training through mild soreness, but this was pretty extreme, We-Are-Your-Muscles-And-We-Don’t-Like-Actually-Working-So-We’re-Going-To-Tear soreness. Also, I know from painful experience that the rubbery feeling in my lower back is a warning sign that any more work will result in being sidelined for a week. Fine. Whatever. Stupid abs, you will pay the price next week. Oh yes, yes you will.

Another walk outside because I’m suicidal. There is something to be said for sub-zero temperatures: they motivate me to walk very, very fast. And stepping through snow and ice adds an element of… fun.

The runs and gas continued. So, I dropped the fiber pills from my first and last meals, both of which contained flaxseeds, and instead took them with the remaining three meals yesterday. That didn’t help, so I dropped the fiber tabs completely today. Turns out that didn’t help much…

DAY FOUR: Thu, 01/07

Another walk outside. At least they plowed the streets this time. I’m feeling great pschycologically, no cravings yet. Yesterday’s experiment with no fiber tablets was not very fun, so I added them back in today. Runs have eased up, now I just create a war-zone in my bathroom three times, instead of nine or ten.

DAY Five: Fri, 01/08

Another great training session today, love how those chin-ups just beat me down. Only unleashed hell in the bathroom twice today, and gas has stayed at the moderate level from yesterday. The woman was very grossed out when she slept over tonight. Fun times!

EDIT to yesterday: I am also taking this opportunity to cut coffee down to one cup a day and kick the soda habit. This went well, except for Thu evening. Thoroughly exhausted, I had a diet Mountain Dew. This means I now have only twenty-one days to kick the soda habit… exactly how many it takes. I best make sure I don’t have another one.

Today is Day Six. Since it was fourteen below zero, I finally decided to walk inside. I regretted that almost right away. I walked into the gym and it was absolutely packed. I didn’t feel like waiting around, and the staff frowns on knee-capping the closest person to me, so I decided on ten minuts on the Stair Master – low intensity – followed by 20 minutes on the PreCor. That was about two hours ago, and I am WIPED right now.

On the positive front: 100% diet compliance to this point. When considering the ab transgression on Wednesday and the ESW substitute today, I figure 90% training compliance. The V-Burn challenge tomorrow should be some fun punishment… I mean motivation.

Another positive note: HSM tonight. Out for a friend’s birthday. Can’t wait for some solid – healthy – food.

On the mental front, I have been doing well so far, the only craving was for wings today, but that lasted for the walk from the car to the office, so I’m in good shape thus far.

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