Prowler Work on V-Diet?


Hey there!
week one down on the diet. went from 213 to 205. waist went from 38.5 to 37 and feeling great! my question is I just made a homemade prowler and i really want to start using it.Is there anyway i can incorperate some prowler work into my workouts? maybe instead of the v-burn challenge on sat/sun. or should i just wait until after the program to begin playing with my new toy. thanks in advance.


It could replace the V-Burn, but I’d be careful over-doing it on other days. You could perhaps cut the NEPA walks and add some light Prowler work instead. Very taxing though, don’t want to over-do it while eating so few cals and carbs.


alright!, I thik ill just replace the v burn instead of the NEPA walks…i enjoy them too much. would it be best to do light weight and more runs or heavy with fewer runs? i would assume more weight and fewer but i just wanna double check. thanks again.


I’d go lighter and farther. Get a good leg pump going but avoid getting too pooped. No oxygen debt.


once again thanks for your help chris, sorry for the silly questions i just wanna get the best results possible. :slight_smile: