Protein Waffles


1/2 cup of egg whites
Splash of heavy cream
1 packet of splenda/favorite sweetener
1 scoop favorite protein powder

Turn on waffle iron and spray with non-stick spray.

Mix the wet ingredients first.

Mix in scoop of protein powder until you have a nice thick batter.

Pour batter into waffle iron, let cook till done ( less than 4 minutes usually ). The waffle should start to rise and will likely make the waffle iron open if it’s not a lockable one.

You can add various spices to the mix. For the one pictured I used chocolate casein protein ( makes the batter really thick ) and cocoa powder ( maybe 1/4 teaspoon ). Then topped with peanut butter and sprinkled some PB2 on it.


Im going to try that this weekend.

Rough macros?



[quote]theBird wrote:
Im going to try that this weekend.

Rough macros?


12.5 grams of protein from the egg whites
how ever much is in your scoop of protein powder
5 ish grams of fat from heavy cream
then depends on what else you add.