Protein Supplementation for 67 yr old parent

My Dad asked me for help in picking out a protein supplement to help him from becoming too frail as he ages. He’s active with light weights and in good overall health. He just has a hard time gaining or keeping muscle mass.

I thought of Metabolic Drive, MAG-10 or BCAAs would be his best bet with MAG-10 being my inclination. Any advice is appreciated.

If he’s looking for a thick, milkshake-like protein supplement and meal replacement, we’d suggest <a href=""target=“new”>Metabolic Drive.

While Mag-10 is a great choice too, he may be thinking more about a “shake” instead of “drink” and enjoy Metabolic Drive more. My own mum really enjoys it and since she enjoys it she’s more likely to use it daily. It’s like dessert to her while Mag-10, texture wise, is like a drink.

Thanks Chris. I sent him the links for Metabolic Drive, MAG-10 and BCAA’s. He ordered the BCAAS based on the write-up. Will 5 grams with 3 meals per day actually make a difference in terms of protein synthesis? His primary concern is poor digestion leading to a low body weight.

I’m no expert in the area of his needs, but it can’t hurt to my knowledge. If that’s his main goal, Mag-10 may be the best choice for him.

Thanks! He’s fine, he just suffers from skinny genes and a touch of hypochondria :slight_smile:

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