Protein Shakes: MHP or Metabolic Drive?

I found a really good tasting and very complete protein powder that I wanted to get everyone’s opinion on. its Maximum Human Performance’s (MHP) Probolic-SR. It has 3 types of protein (Whey, Casein, and soy), it has an extra dosage of BCAAs, glutamine, and Arginine, and it also includes Flax, CLA, and MCTs. Plus it tastes GREAT!! I’m on my 3rd day of the V-Diet. I’m taking 4 servings of milled flax seeds along with the daily protein shakes.

My question is: Should I stick to this or should I switch to the Metabolic Drive protein??


you should definatly stay on the MHP probolic-SR

also make sure you’re eating celery between shakes (it’s mostly water)

if you want to make the diet even faster, you can do long, fast runs as well.

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