Protein Shakes and Insulin Spike

Hi Chris,

Just bought all the stuff from the store and cant wait to get started. I have struggled for years to shake off the last pounds of fat around the waist. I’m pretty lean upper body and the legs. Visceral fat is high at 10%. Total BF at 22%. I heard the diet does wonders to fat loss and I’m eager to give it a go.

However I have a pertinent question with regards to protein shakes and the resultant insulin spike. Everywhere I look I get the same response. Surviving on shakes all day, although Metabolic drive has whey and casein, will do ones body composition no good because of the insulin spike after ingesting it. Despite taking in fibre, nutirents from the Superfood and healthy fats thrown in, I keep hearng we have to chew our food and digestion has to come in.

What are your thoughts on this?

Drinking water will “spike” your insulin. It’s meaningless and majoring in the minors. And sometimes you want to spike insulin to build muscle. Pro bodybuilders inject the stuff straight. Insulin is not the enemy unless you’re an obese couch potato.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I keep hearing bodybuilders ditch protein shakes close to competition to get leaner.

Anyway it’s comforting to know protein is protein, whether liquid or from solid food sources.

This diet works. It worked well for me, and i was dieting for Several months when i started it.

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