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I’m on day 4 of the V-Diet. Still in the “I feel like shit” phase, but realize that will all come to an end soon. I’m 6’6", 265, so added a scoop to each shake, ending up giving myself more than 1gm/lb of body weight. Wondering if anyone else has done this with any success, and/or suggestions as to what I can/should do. I’m starving most of the day, FYI.

Ok, so update/change of plans on this. Day 7 is today, and I’m starting to feel a bit better. I’ve reduced shakes 3 and 4 down to the recommended 2 scoops, but kept 1 and 2 at 3. I will probably further reduce unless I’m seeing dramatic progress by EOW (already noticeable changes). Also just ordered Hot-Rox to start that for the next 3 months or more. We’ll see where I’m at in a few weeks, but thinking I’ll need to extend based on the fact my scale is telling my I’m at 33%BF.

Just be aware of the extra daily calories from these. You’re a heavier dude, but you’re also super tall, so you’re carrying the weight differently than other people might. 1g protein per pound of bodyweight is generally a good target to aim for, but the body can do just fine with less.

Around .75g is sufficient for building muscle/muscle retention during fat loss and the following the Velocity Diet as-is hits that, no problem.

Bodyfat percentages, especially from scales, are wildly inaccurate and can fluctuate significantly based on whether or not you’re thirsty or any number of non-bodyfat variables.

Stick with taking weekly progress pics and weekly measurements like the book suggests. Those are much more concrete and objective ways to track progress.

What progress have you seen since Day 1?

Thanks Chris!
As far as progress… I’ve noticed some potential fat reduction in my top shelf. My chest seems a little tighter, as well as my shoulder/upper arms area. Also since I’ve done pretty much zero conditioning work for the past forever years, I’ve noticed a little more vascularity without a pump.
Thanks for the reference article. I’ve read it, but have apparently read too many others about 1 to even 2 gms/lb. Just very worried about shriveling up to being scrawny again!

Day 9… I’ve reduced to the prescribed amount of scoops now for my shakes. Just yesterday (workout day), Myfitnesspal has me at 1959 calories with 324 grams of protein, after my 650 calorie meal. I add collagen and creatine to each shake, and the aminos in the workout drink count as 25gms on there.
So no worries about protein intake at all. My slight case of body dysmorphia has be fluctuating between thinking I’m a scrawny toothpick, and occasionally liking what I see in the mirror.
Still starving, but I suppose when you’ve been eating over 4k (clean) calories for over 3 months straight prior to doing this, it will take some time to get used to.
I’m waiting to look at the scale until this weekend, which will be almost 2 weeks in.

Day 13, weight check. I’ve been 100% on point with everything, except 1 meal was way overboard (Wings and a burger last night).

Day 3 stats (According to Eufy scale, so probably not all that accurate)
30.4 BMI
33.2% BF
14.0 Visceral fat
87.3lbs body fat
166.6lbs muscle mass

Day 13 (today)
29.4 BMI
32% BF
14.0 visceral fat
81.1lbs body fat
163.8obs muscle mass.

Noticeable fat reduction in my mid section, and internal organs (based on stomach flatness). My muscles look flat due to lack of carbs, but I know I’ll get over that when I start slowly increasing my food intake in a few weeks.
I made the mistake of taking 2 Hot-Rox the first day in the morning, and the yohimbine had me feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. Dropped to 1 and 1, and it’s tolerable and becoming easier, so I may increase next week.

So sitting here on day 28. Starving about 30 minutes from shake #3. I had a huge slowdown in progress weeks 3 and 4, most likely due to eating huge dinners on the last 2 Fridays and Saturdays. Therefore, I’m extending at least another week before introducing another meal.
Here are my stats as of this morning according to Eufy scale:
248.4lbs (14.6 lost)
28.7 BMI
31% BF (not feeling this is accurate)
14 visceral fat (no change means this is not accurate at all)
77.1lbs BF (10.2 lost)
162.6lbs muscle (4lbs lost)

Overall it’s a great start, but I’m nowhere near where I hope to be, so the journey continues.

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