Proposed Diet

I keep mulling over the “perfect” diet which I know doesn’t exist. I’m 5’8", 172 lbs, 9% bf. Bench 290, squat 360, deadlift 405. I’m really not trying to put on much size, don’t think I’d like to be over 180. Want to get stronger and keep the leanness. Here’s my proposed diet plan.

Also, I’m still kinda old school I guess and favor Surge Recovery post workout. I’m trying to buy into the new “100g carbs pre/during workout” but I find myself still looking for that chocolate shake after I’m done. Is Surge Recovery outdated? I’m trying to figure out how something “cutting edge” a few years ago is now all but obsolete.

3:15am- Indigo-3G
3:45am- Finibar
4:15am- 1 scoop Anaconda (I’m thinking about dropping this, just going with Finibar. Budget!)
4:30-5:30am- Workout
6am- MAG-10 (I just ordered this, so I’ll give it a try)
9am- 2 scoops low carb Metabolic Drive, 1 apple, sunflower seeds
1:30pm- MAG-10
5:30pm- 10 oz. lean meat, 1/2 cup jasmine rice, big bag of broccoli or salad
8:30pm- 1 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 avocado

I know, I know. Plazma is where everyone is going. But at the price right now, I just can’t do it. I love the shakes throughout the day as it just fits into my work schedule. I get 10 min breaks and its much easier to pound a shake than to heat up food and all that. I started at 195 in October and could hit 6 reps with 135 on the bench press. I pretty much lived off Metabolic Drive Low Carb and Surge Recovery, also cycling HOT-ROX. Ate 1-2 HSM’s per day. A quasi V-Diet if you will.

EDIT: Moved from another thread: That’s what I got to spend. No more, no less. What would you do if you were in my shoes. What’s the best plan with that money?

Before we answer, did you see this previous post of yours where we replied to many of your questions?

If you have additional questions, please let us know.

Yes I did. Thanks Chris. I actually posted this in a different forum and it was moved here. Just trying to get other feedback. That’s all.

Sorry for the delay, we’re just trying to sort through your posts. It’s a little confusing: you have a $250 budget I believe you wrote in the other thread, you don’t want to give up the shakes because of convenience, you don’t really want to gain muscle (but you’re using a few muscle-gaining supplements), and you want to keep losing fat and get stronger but you’re already single digit body fat… did I get all that right? Oh, and it appears you’re sleeping maybe 6 hours a night?

Alright, let’s clear a few things up. I never said I wanted to KEEP losing fat, rather that I want to keep the leanness I have attained. As far as gaining muscle, yes, I wouldn’t mind getting up to 180. Just not much beyond that. I would like to compete in some competitions someday in the 170-180 weight class.

So yes, some muscle is fine. I just have no aspirations to get up to 200 lb. or anything like that. And I apologize for the post being repeated in this thread. I posted it in two other categories with the hopes of finding people in a similar predicament as myself, and what they have chosen to spend their budgeted money on.

Honestly, I was looking for a response other than the obvious “Plazma” one. I’m sure it’s great stuff, probably the best you can get, but right now I can’t afford $4/scoop. I hope sometime in the future I can try it. (Hell, maybe you can send me a sample and I will then find a way to cut costs in other areas of my life in order to keep Plazma around my training! Ha!) I really appreciate you taking the time to read and answer my posts with honest and sincere answers that always come in a timely fashion.

Oh, and by the way, 6 hours IS about all the sleep I get. Off work at 3:30pm, then do machining work on the side usually until 7pm or so. Hectic life, but wouldn’t trade it for anything. Especially the drunken life I used to live. All the best Chris.

No worries.

If the plan outlined above fits your budget, it’s definitely a good one.

If you’re choosing between Finibar and Anaconda, we’d suggest keeping the workout drink and dropping the bar. Make a peri-workout drink like Anaconda, and Indigo-3G your staples, and everything else can be based on budget.

From personal experience, if I had to choose only two things, it would be Indigo-3G and a good workout drink. The convenience of the shakes would be hard to give up, but Indigo-3G and a workout drink would be nonnegotiable for me.

Hope that helps.

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