Proportions of Fat/Protein for Low Carb?

HI Chris,

I’ve changed lots of elements of my diet but getting the high-fat component of my meals to 60-70% puzzles me.
Please explain?? Do I eat a carrot and a small burger in a pool of butter or something?

I cook in coconut oil, use butter and cheese on salads, cook broths and keep the fat in there (most of it). I should eat more vegetables I do eat too much meat I think - but have a green salad at least once a day.

I’ve still got some bad stuff in the food but most of it’s good and getting better.

But this fat proportion is something I need help on. Can you detail this in types, portions and measures? eg two spoons avocado etc.

Well, I’ve never calculated macronutrient percentages in my life. It’s silly in my opinion. And I don’t count calories or anything these days. I just choose healthy foods from each macro category. I do not keep a food log. So, I may not be much help here. I’m not sure what you’re asking really.

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