Progress, Supplements, and Change to Crossfit?


Hello Everyone,

This is my first post. I’ve seen great responses around here so i figured i’d give it shot.

I’ve always love BioTest suplements cause I feel they’re more intent for athletes than just people going to the gym. I was 270Lbs 3 months ago. I’m 239LBS now, this is not first rodeo on losing weight so it has been kind of easy but I want to take it to the next level. For the past two months ( I was 257LBS two months ago) I’ve been doing:

- Intermittent Fasting (Eating Window 12PM-8PM, or 1PM-7PM).


  • Weight Lifting every other day; I do legs: Squats, deadlift one day and upper body; pull ups, bench press and some isolation movements the other day.

    I do 3 sets, 12 reps, same weight. I go really hard. I die in my house (I have a home gym) while training which I love.

- My Diet consist mainly in Brown Rice, sweet potate, any other healthy carb I can find and tons of protein. I eat a lot of veggies. Not doing Fruits yet.

- Supplements:

  • Post Work Out (Myogenix Aftershock)
  • Omega 3 (FlameOut); Only 2 pills a day.
  • Fatburner (Vintage burner)
  • Snack Protein (Metabolic Drive)
  • BCAA (Vintange Burn); around 10G a day.
  • ZMA (Vintange Bliss); it helps me sleep as I work out at 6:00 PM.

Sometimes I’d have a finibar before.

So far I’m loving my results. Even though I’m not 200 LBS like I was a year ago, I look like it. I can see my muscle and I’m losing tons of fat real quick. so this are the changes I want to implement:

  • Pre-work out with no stimulants like Caffeine, will Plazma do this for me? If I use plazma, can I stop using the BCAA suplements? will plazma let me sleep during the night?

  • My current ZMA is kinda expensive, so I can just use ZMA from biotest? mine has melatonin which I know helps to sleep.

  • Should I do 4 FO a day as suggested? if so can I do them 4 at once?

  • I’m thinking on taking Rez-V as I think I have a high level of estrogen. Tons of fat around my nipples.

I’m looking for that pump pre-workout, and also faster recovery. My second set of questions are about training and recovering:

  • Even though I love weightlifting, I’m trying to also condition myself so I’ve thinking about crossfit. I went to the box by my house and to be honest, I liked it. But I don’t think I’m gonna go back for now. So I’m trying to incorporate some Olympic lifting to my bodybuilding routine. Then I have the endurance part. I just don’t know how to fit them altogether within my feeding window. I don’t like training while fasting -lack of performance on heavy lifts-. Should I stop IF, and just eat more and train twice a day - Endurance or a WOD in the morning and lifting in the evening ?

I’m trying to drive my training more towards performance and appearance than weight loss. I also stopped doing Mountain Bike so my body could rest from the heavy lift days, any suggestions on that ?

I’m really scared of Over training, but I think I don’t know how to tell I’ll do it. Can I train everyday?

Thanks for ready!


Yep, 4 a day is a typical dose. All at once is fine.

That’s fine. This article explains why Rez-V (plus Flameout) may be a good combo.

Plazma is exactly that.

There have been plenty of articles talking about the problems with IF, so it’s totally fine to switch to a basic eating and training schedule.

If you wanted to train twice a day, get it in anyway you can. But I’d definitely suggest you set some specific goals instead of being more general like it kinda sounds so far - some conditioning, some weight loss, some Olympic lifting, etc. Specific goals (weigh this much by this date, lift this much for this many reps, and/or whatever) allow you to figure out a more specific plan to get there.

Figure out exactly what “training more towards performance and appearance than weight loss” means, and how you’ll know when you get there, and that will help us setup the structure of the most effective training and eating to get there.

You “can”, but your training needs to be well-designed and your nutrition needs to be on point. Christian Thibaudeau’s Layer System is just one example of how to train 5-6 days a week (okay, so that’s not technically “every day”).


Hello Chris,

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to this.

I’ve gone through some of the links you mentioned.

In regards of the Post-work out, to be honest I’ve had Surge Recovery before (around 2011) and it tasted amazing, but then I always thought I had to be leaner to use it. I used Biotest Whey once but it looks like they don’t do it anymore. I guess Aftershock has tons of calories as well. Should I go with Mag-10 or is Surge Recovery fine for now?.

I’m definitely going to change the ZMA and will buy some melatonin, although I’ll try without it first and see if I’m able to sleep. If not, I’ll add the melatonin.

Just to make sure on the Plazma, I’m currently taking my BCAA one scoop when I brake the fast (12:00 PM) and one scoop when I finish the feeding window (8:00) regardless if I’m trying or not. I’m relaying on the BCAA in my Post Work for the dose right after I train. I won’t need them BCAA even though I’m drinking it everyday, twice a day currently, if I just switch to plazma?

I think I fall into the man boobs for sure. Will work on it with Rez-v. Don’t think I’ll try 8 FA for now though. I’ll stick with 4/day and see how it goes.

I think you’re completely right about figuring out what training means. I’m just so confused cause I’ve always followed the mindset that Weight Training will shape you, and Cardio will destroy your gains. But I want to be able to run, do Olympic lifts and anything without compromising my gains. Specially know that I’ve seen these good results, I’m afraid that If I start incorporating some crossfit type of training; Olympic weights, running, rope climbing etc… to my routine I’ll stop progressing.

I’m going to read about the IF now, and will think more about my goals.