Progress Moving Slow

Hi Chris,

I’ve been doing the V-Diet modified ( 1 HSM daily).
The first month I lost 11.5 lbs which was fine.
Since then I have only lost about 1.5lbs more.
I’ve been on this diet since Feb…

My shape isn’t really changing, although my abdomen and face do look smaller.
I work out 5 days in the gym ( both cardio and strength ). I’v changed up my work outs and even started running 3 weeks ago . I make a point of getting at least 6 hours of sleep (before if I had 3 hours I considered myself lucky) .

I take Hot-Rocx the shake and Flameout as well as Superfood and the Metabolic Drive .
The other thing I’ve noticed is that I keep bruising everywhere, not sure why (I am not a fair skinned person)

Any thoughts would be appreciated. 1.5 lbs since March is a lil disheartening.

I’m 5’2 155.4 lbs. Please help. Would like to place a new replensishment order, but will wait to after your feedback.

Stop running and start doing conditioning work. Running will only wreck your metabolism. Info and plan here:

Sadly you fell into the cardio trap and it may have slowed your progress.

Are you male or female?

What do your solid meals look like?

Are you taking tape measurements or just relying on the scale? Remember, muscle gain will make the scale numbers somewhat unreliable.

BTW, 11 pounds in a month is more than fine; it’s about 2.5 times the fat loss as many think is possible. Fat loss naturally slows down as you have less and less to lose.

6 hours of sleep is still inadequate and will hamper progress. Any reason for that?

I am female. I do tape measurements as well, but not as much as the scale.
I started running a few weeks ago, to improve my lungs. I am not doing anything crazy on the treadmill , more like a good 35 minute warm up (interval running), then straight to the machines and free weights.

Solid meal usually consists of chicken breast/ lean beef/ or fish ( salmon, tilapia,) mixed green. Every now and again a sneak in some potato, My day runs pretty long in general. and I cant go to sleep and sleep 6 hours straight through. Not even when I take sleep aids.

I went from drinking every night (7 days) to not at all. I guess I thought the combination of not drinking alcohol, juice or sugar / clean eating and exercise would have me transformed physically lol My weekend HSM tends to include a toasted rice tortilla( reminds me of chips)

It may seem like I am whining, but really I’m trying to keep myself on track and not lose focus. I had a goal of 1 pound per week after the initial 28 days, and right now I’m 6 lbs behind schedule.

To recap, since feb I have lost about 13 lbs. I am 5’2 , female. I eat 1 HSM. Work out 5 days. Protein shake, M.Drive, Flameout and HOT-ROX, superfood.

What am I doing wrong? What do you advise I do going forward?

Your meals sounds good, no problems there. And congrats on ditching the booze!

Losing body fat isn’t linear, which can be frustrating. You may not be to measure a loss for a couple of weeks, then boom, 3 pounds in one week. That’s just the way the body works; it doesn’t care about weekly weight loss goals or target numbers. Still, focus on tape measurements, how clothes fit etc., and avoid the scale as much as possible. It can really play with your mind, especially as a female as your natural water weight levels cycle monthly.

I’d like to see you adopt the “conditioning not cardio” rules in that link I provided. 10-15 minute sessions, tops. Also, if you’re using Surge Recovery as the original V-Diet outlined, I’d suggest switching it for <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10, which is better suited for your training I’d guess.

Finally, it’s tempting to drop calories lower but go to low and the metabolism will falter and things will come to a halt. Then, fat-gain. So we don’t want that. Sometimes, adding calories is what’s need in fact. Still, if you’re feeling very full with the shakes, it’s usually okay to drop one scoop for the day. (Not one full shake, but one scoop.)

If you haven’t tried <a href=""target=“new”>Z-12 for sleep, I’d strongly suggest it. Very different than regular sleep aides, no side effects. Take it before dinner to make sure it works quickly (assuming you eat dinner fairly late, if not, then 30 minutes or so before bed.) With your busy days, I think you’ll like the relaxant effect too.

Keep me posted.

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