Progress Day 15


Day 1 - 220 lbs.

Day 7 - 214 lbs.

Day 15 - 211 lbs.

Some of my coworkers (a surly and non supportive lot) have even remarked that I am noticeably slimmer. Of course I am still offered Oreos and other snacks daily (because they suck…no really they do) but I am hanging tough.



Thats awesome mate, Keep it up, You got more to loose, Your gonna kick ass this diet, just dont fall off the wagon


Thanks man, good to hear some motivation. A co-worker came up to me with a huge plate of chicken and steak last night and said “If you are just having protein such eat this instead”. It was very tempting but I held out and munched a Fiber Choice tablet instead. 8 days left of the 28 day phase.!