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Rachel asks:

I’m an ultra runner (think scaling and descending multiple mountainous climbs over rugged terrain and leaping through water crossings) wanting to get bigger and stronger for injury prevention and to stay on top of the competition.

Coming from a road running background, I have a pretty lean but small body in terms of muscle. To outrun the best trail runners, I need bigger, more powerful legs and glutes.

I’ve strength trained pretty consistently for a few years but want to get more serious about lifting heavy. I also want to find a way to preserve muscle during racing, which can last up to 24-26hrs.

So I’m looking for:

  1. something to help me get the most quality muscle mass from my strength training.

  2. something I can legally take during training and racing to prevent catabolism and keep me performing while being easy on the GI tract as I run.

I’ve been looking at Mag-10 and Plazma, but am not really sure which is best suited.

I also wanted to know, is it possible, safe and legal to take supplements to boost natural levels of testosterone or HGH? Obviously, I do not want to start abusing hormone drugs, but am curious if there are natural supplements or foods that healthfully enhance my own body’s production.

Rachel, I love your goals. Adding muscle will definitely be helpful in injury prevention and scaling those mountains!

Now, everyone’s GI tract is different, but mine is EXTREMELY sensitive, and I’ve had a lot of success with both Plazma and MAG-10.

But if you’re choosing between either MAG-10 or Plazma, then I’d actually go with Plazma because of its carb content, and because of the type of carbs it contains. You’ll notice a huge difference between lifting with it and lifting without it – insane muscle pumps, stamina, energy, etc. So that would be my recommendation for question number 1.

As for number 2. Look into Finibars – they’re also gentle on the stomach and awesome before any kind of workout (lifting OR running). This would be a great option during long runs. You could break it up into pieces and eat them easily on the go. Quick note: you can also use Plazma for long runs, you’d just add more water than what’s called for on the label. This thread has more about that: Plazma & Endurance Athletes.

As for increasing testosterone levels naturally, there are some things to add to your diet that can help:


Thanks so much Dani, I will go with Plazma then.

Thanks also for the useful nutritional articles you write; it’s the “make a difference” factor and especially important for endurance athletes. We don’t all necessarily want to look like strands of spaghetti, and I for one have a hard time packing on (and maintaining) lean muscle mass, even when my lifting numbers may steadily increase.

my wife is running a relay in two weeks for which she’ll run 40 total miles broken up over 7 legs, so run 6-10 miles, hand off the baton, jump in the RV, hang out, run another 7-10 mile leg, hand off the baton, jump in the RV. based on what I’ve been reading in the different logs, it sounds like Surge Workout Fuel OR Plazma (with more water) would serve her well. Anything else you’d recommend for a race format like this? Thanks!

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