Products for the Velocity Diet

sixrivets asks:

I’m a 55 year-old woman who’s very interested in losing a few pounds and changing my eating habits with a month on your Velocity Diet. I’ve got the perfect opportunity. I’ll be spending a month rehabbing a cabin and planting a garden in the middle of nowhere. It’s forever to the supermarket and restaurants, and I’ll be too tired to cook.

I’m 5’4" and 150 pounds (I want to get back down to 125).

So, what to order? I know I need the following:

Metabolic Drive
Surge Recovery

How long will one container of each last me? Just let me know and I’ll order.

Anything else you recommend? I’m not a bodybuilder or a gym rat. I will get most of my exercise doing construction and walking up and down the mountain to the lake each day.



If you’re planning on doing the full V-Diet, you’ll need to go the main <a href=""target=“new”>Velocity Diet section, then click through the tabs, which will provide you with all the instructions.

In Tab #3 you’ll find two sub-tabs. Click on “Velocity Diet Program 3.0” and you’ll see a calculator where you’ll type in your weight and gender. Hit “Calculate” and you’ll get a schedule for the diet and a package of supplements all put together for you to complete the V-Diet.

Note: Leucine is no longer part of the V-Diet, though you may see it mentioned in the text.

Now, all that said, are you sure the V-Diet is the right plan for you?

We strongly encourage V-Dieters to be training with weights and we provide a training program in the plan. If you’re not training with weights, then this plan may not be best for you. For example, Surge Recovery is a post-workout drink designed to be used after weight training. Without weight training, you would not need that component of the diet.

However, if you like the speed and convenience of the V-Diet, we can help you design a similar plan that fits your specific needs. For example, you could drink three or four of the Metabolic Drive shakes during the day as meal replacements, then have a healthy solid meal every night. Or we could help you come up with an all-shake plan for convenience.

Let us know if something like this would work for you and we’ll help you get a plan together.

Also, if you need to see the servings sizes and servings per container for supplements like <a href=""target=“new”>Metabolic Drive Low Carb, you can view the labels at the Biotest store.

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