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Chris asks:

Which of your supplements are geared towards recovery and reducing muscle soreness? I no longer regularly lift weights but I train Jiu Jitsu 3 times per week and at 44 I simply am not recovering fast enough. Any product recommendations and recovery articles you could recommend would be appreciated.

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Chris - As a very long time Biotest user, here are my top recommendations for recovery!

You’ll want to take Mag-10 right after your Jiu Jitsu class, the protein will get right into your muscles and maximize recovery.

Fish oil should be a staple, and Flameout is the best of the best. Should help with joint pain and keeping you moving in optimal condition. Take daily.

Curcumin will greatly help with muscle soreness, take this daily as well.

Hope this helps, please be sure to respond with any questions or thoughts!

I will give them a try! I really appreciate the speedy response!

Take care

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My pleasure, please be sure to post anytime if there’s anything I can offer further thoughts on!

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